Spiritually Fit Session ~ Are you connected to your body?

In this Spiritually Fit Session, self-care & empowerment coach, Catherine Hull asks some interesting questions to give you some insight into pain and being connected to your body.

Pain can be a huge teacher in allowing us to connect to our body.  Pain can often be seen as something that is bad and useless, but what is pain really?

Pain is the body’s alarm system.  It is a built in mechanism to draw your attention to something that requires it. Pain allows you to bring love, awareness, and kindness to areas of your life that are in need.  But many times when we encounter pain as humans, it is uncomfortable and we want to escape it, mask it, and even numb it.  Pain can scare us and we make a choice to become disconnected out of fear and not knowing what to do.  In order to really be PRESENT in this life and fulfill our purpose here, we need to be connected to the physical vehicle that will allow us to BE all that we are destined to be.

How can you tell if you are connected to your body?

Here are some signs that you may not be as connected to your body as you would like:

  1. You are reactive vs. proactive. So, this means that you react to a “problem” once it presents as a problem and it often comes as a surprise. This can be a very frustrating situation to encounter and can leave one feeling defeated and powerless without knowing what to do about their pain and where to get help.
  1. You are critical of your body in appearance and performance. It is also common in our culture to place a lot of value and importance on body appearance and performance. We can be very hard on ourselves for what we look like and often not see the true beauty within ourselves, regardless of outside appearance and performance.  Often, we are not able to recognize the incredible things that we have accomplished because we are too caught up in the things that do not serve us.  Negative self-talk keeps you trapped in a cycle that is damaging and heavy and keeps you from experiencing freedom, joy, and lightness within your body and your life.
  1. You easily become stressed, anxious, and fearful in regards to your body and your health. It can be common to have very little to no trust in your body when you have pain. There is a lot of fearful marketing and information in our world that leads people into a state of stress, anxiety, fear, and disconnection. There are many societal and ancestral belief systems that can reinforce the pain cycle and prevent us from having a new experience and really listening to what our body is telling us.

How do we become more connected to our bodies?

  1. See pain as an ally rather than an enemy. Start to see pain as an opportunity to change or shift something so that you can become more connected to your body, mind, & soul. Using pain as a way to listen and decode the messages your body is sending you is an empowering tool.  You perform a miracle when you transform pain into ease or fear into love.
  1. Set an intention to be kind and non-judgmental to your body. In yoga we set an intention at the beginning of the physical practice and often mine is to be kind and loving to my body and to give it just what it requires of me. I spent years not listening to my body and eventually encountered pain.  I pushed hard and didn’t listen when my body would tell me it needed rest and I did not know how powerful setting an intention of love and compassion for myself could be.  When I began to practice setting intentions for my physical activities and for my day in general the feedback I was getting from my body began to change dramatically.  When you set an intention to have love in your practice, you align with the very vibration of love and this is the most powerful healing tool of all.
  1. Question your beliefs in regards to your body. Where did they come from? Are you carrying around old belief systems from your ancestors and those around you? Does aging really have to mean being less mobile and in pain? The mind is a very powerful tool in healing the body.  It is most often our beliefs about our healing and our body that keep us from experiencing freedom in our movement, lightness in our spirit, and joy in our heart.  There is a fantastic tool in Access Consciousness Bars that I love to use with clients and myself.  It’s called “ Return to Sender” and is to be used when you encounter a belief that isn’t yours meaning you picked it up along the way.  So, when you notice yourself carrying a belief that doesn’t belong to you, you can simply say (out loud), “ Return to sender with love and awareness” and notice the shift that occurs and the lightness that appears in your mind and body.  Try it! It’s one of my favourites.

Give these tools a try and see all of life come to you with such great ease, joy, & glory!