~ 7 Steps to Transformation ~

Learn easy & effective tools to help you transform into the real authentic YOU and navigate life’s challenges

Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm ~ September 28th – November 9th

This is absolutely one of my favourite programs to offer.  It brings me so much Joy to be able to offer this workshop series again and to create a space where others can gather and feel safe to let go of that which no longer serves them.  When we choose to let go and embrace a new way of being, we alter our future; we shift and change and evolve to new heights and are able to see what we are capable of creating here in this lifetime.  I first was introduced to the 7 Steps to Transformation with my teacher several years ago and it was such an incredible blessing and life altering experience for me that I became interested in offering it to others.  What I love about the 7 steps process is the group environment of non-judgment and support as well as the easy and effective tools that each participant can take into their daily lives and use to raise their vibration and inspire change in their life and the lives of others.  It’s fun, light, and I often hear comments that people don’t want it to end!

” I completed the 7 steps to transformation with Catherine. This program was life changing for me in that it taught me the power of my mind and how to use energy practices to make shifts in my life. Throughout this course, Catherine created an intimate and comfortable environment that allowed participants to share in each others experiences. Catherine is incredibly intuitive and insightful and is able to ask the right questions to help shift perspective. Without any prior knowledge of IET practices, Catherine and the 7 steps to transformation have opened up a whole new world that I am excited to explore.”     Tara Frezza

Every week has a different theme and a new tool to integrate into your life…..

  • Step 1 ~ Heartlink with your angel
  • Step 2 ~ Activate your 12-strand DNA
  • Step 3 ~ Clear your Karma with the energy of the angels
  • Step 4 ~ Achieve true forgiveness
  • Step 5 ~ Empower your heart
  • Step 6 ~ Journey to a future lifetime
  • Step 7 ~ Cut you cords of codependency

If you are ready for transformation and looking for a new way of being in this world, I invite you to join me for these 7 special evenings.

Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm ~ September 28th – November 9th

  • SAVE $50 ~ register before September 19th and pay $249 + HST
  • Register after September 19th and pay $299 + HST

Give yourself the gift of transformation!

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