Are you stuck in the cycle of self-sabotage? Learn some easy tools to break the cycle and move forward….

It is common in the health and wellness industry and in life in general to see cases of people self-sabotaging their efforts to move forward and achieve their goals. So many of us are all to familiar with the cycle of self-sabotage and have witnessed first hand how playing the victim keeps us stuck in the same spot unable to move forward and actualize our dreams.

People will self-sabotage their weight loss efforts, health & fitness goals, relationships, careers, and so many other things all out of unawareness.  Being unaware is a lower energy to operate your life from and it leaves you feeling powerless to choose.

But… did you even know you had a choice in the matter??  This is fascinating to me.. we don’t always realize we have CHOICE.  In fact, that is the very thing that keeps us from choosing something better than our current situation and moving up into a higher vibration of self-love, awareness, and joy!

As humans, choice is our birthright!  and self-sabotage is the opposite of divinely choosing what is for your highest good. So, how can we shift the lower energy of self-sabotage and victim into a higher lighter energy of ease, joy, and awareness?

With these three key steps:

~ Becoming aware that you are choosing the current situation you’re in. Awareness is HUGE!!!  I can’t say it enough really…When you begin to realize that you have the power to choose and that you actually chose every situation in your life up to this point it can be humbling, but…. also it can be empowering! I love witnessing the waking up of others when they begin to take hold of their life in a new way and truly make choices that serve them rather than depleting them and keeping them stuck.  You are a POWERFUL BEING who can choose whatever you desire!  Now, how great is that?!

Adopt the mantra ” I am worthy of choosing something better”  Words are so powerful. Each word is comprised of sounds that make up the word and sounds are vibrations.  Certain words have higher vibrations and others have lower.  Words that make you feel weak, insecure, and heavy are lower vibratory words, while words that lift you up, give you a sense of joy, peace, and harmony, and allow you to move forward with ease and grace, have a high vibrational frequency.  Words that keep you stuck in the cycle of self-sabotage such as ” can’t” “won’t” “victim” and “hard” reaffirm the choices you made to put yourself there in the first place.  So, by becoming aware and choosing new words that resonate with the feeling you want to have and the direction you would like to go you are in fact raising your vibration and frequency and allowing more light, love, and ease to come into your life.  Having a mantra that feels light when you say it out loud instantly lifts your mood and puts you on the right track to achieving your goals.  Saying a mantra repeatedly will eventually re-wire your brain to accept it as truth.  Will you allow yourself to receive greater things by choosing something better than you currently are?

Take action!  A dream is all good and fine but without action you’re only giving yourself half of the equation.  So often people set goals and then fall short of meeting them due to inactivity.  The most important part of moving forward is doing just that- moving! Awareness allows you to wake up and pay attention to what you’re doing that’s been keeping you stuck in a self-sabotage cycle. Changing your words and therefore your thoughts will give you the positive mindset to make a shift much more quickly.  But, movement is the key to actualizing your dreams! Flexing your spiritual muscles will allow them to grow stronger over time and with repetition you will break free of that which has been holding you back.  You will soar higher than you ever imagined and truly become empowered to achieve all that you every dreamed of and more!

I believe in you!! and I hope that with these easy tools you will too!

So much love and power to you right now!!

Peace , Catherine xo