Pain is an interesting topic and one that I am passionate about speaking on.  Many of us have experienced pain in our lives, but the one that seems to be the most problematic is chronic pain (pain that persists despite the fact that an initial injury has healed).

But what is Chronic Pain?  Where does it come from?  And, Is it just a physical problem or so much more than that?

For years, I have been working with people and helping them to heal themselves using the Egoscue Method (Posture Alignment Therapy) and many Energy Healing Modalities ( Integrated Energy Therapy, Healing Touch, Access Consciousness Bars Therapy).  And pain has been a fascinating teacher both in my personal experience and working with clients.

I have learned many truths about what chronic pain really is and how to use it to help myself and others heal what really needs healing…

  • Chronic Pain is an alarm system guiding our attention to an area of our life that needs attention
  • Pain is often more about the mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of our energy anatomy than our physical body
  • Stress, belief systems, mindset, and emotional health play a vital role in healing
  • Pain provides an opportunity to have greater ease, joy, and movement in our body and life

So, what can we learn from pain?  How can we use it to help us?

  1. Make pain your ally rather than you enemy!  It has something to teach you so that you can be more whole and well.  Fighting against your issues or medicating them will only make it worse.  Questioning what you need in order to heal yourself will bring you more in alignment with the natural healer within you that knows exactly what you need.
  2. Take Responsibility.  You are the natural healer of your own body, mind, & soul.  Taking responsibility for your pain and issues allows you to become empowered to change your current life situation and your wellbeing.  The only person who will truly help you heal is YOU.  It has to begin and end with you.
  3. BE the leader of your health team.  We don’t get anywhere alone, there are always guides to help us along the way.  Choosing a team of players who will help guide and support you will help you to listen more clearly to the wisdom within you. You have all of the answers within you to heal yourself, body, mind, & soul.
  4. Look beyond the Physical Body.  You are so much more than a physical being.  Your body is a container for your spirit and therefore a vehicle in this lifetime.  Most often, chronic pain is a sign of something more deeply rooted within us. When we suffer a trauma or abuse and are not able to process it at the time, we suppress it into our cellular memory ( our energy field) to be healed at a later time.  So, pain is often the resurfacing of old traumas being brought to the surface to be acknowledged and healed in the present moment.
  5. Healing from the inside/out.  True healing is an inside job.  Your outer world and reality is simply a reflection of what’s going on internally.  Taking an honest look at your inner world of beliefs, emotions, habits, and judgments will open up a doorway to explore what’s really troubling you.   And the awareness is the powerful tool that will help you let go and embrace your life more fully.


” For years, I had pain.  It would come and go, without rhyme or reason.  It wasn’t until I began to connect the dots between my inner world and my pain that I truly began to heal.”

For more tools and help on your healing journey you can check out this episode of Spiritually Fit Sessions:

” Are You Connected to Your Body?”

I wish you many blessings and ease on your journey of healing the body, mind, & soul


Catherine xo



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