Chances are you’re familiar with the word Jealous.  It’s often looked upon as something negative and shameful.

But, what is jealousy really?  And, if you truly were to understand it’s meaning and how it shows up in your life, could that help you be more at peace with who you truly are?

Is there a possibility that the word Jealous has gotten a really bad rap over the years, decades, centuries?  

I think so.

I am always fascinated by what unfolds as I continue to practice self-care and self-discovery on my own journey and help others do the same.  I have learned so much about the darker aspects of our personalities and jealousy has been a huge teacher for me in this lifetime.

Unrecognized by the watcher (YOU), jealousy can be very damaging to the relationship you have with yourself and others.

You may find yourself…

  • Comparing your life to that of others
  • Wishing you had different choices and options in your life than you currently do
  • Feeling unable to feel happiness, encouragement, and support for your friends, colleagues, and loved ones
  • Thinking that you got a crappy deal when you signed up to live this life

As a recurring theme in my life, jealousy has always been there to show me some key things that i wouldn’t have seen otherwise

As a young child, I was surrounded by a large family and often felt inadequate.  I did my very best to be seen and this meant becoming very competitive in many aspects of my life.  I was often jealous of my siblings when I perceived that they had gotten more recognition than I had.

I viewed my life through the lense of comparison and jealousy.  And it wasn’t until my late 20’s that I began to see how this way of being was affecting my life in a negative way.

So, I sought to change it.  I began seeing an energy therapist and doing some important internal work.  It wasn’t long before things began to shift and change within me and my outer world reflected all of these changes.

The outer world is a reflection of the inner world.  Any change made from within is magnified outward. A whole new reality is revealed.

And, I learned something very valuable about Jealousy.

Jealousy is unfulfilled potential.

That which you see in others and wish to have yourself is merely a sign of what you are capable of having, doing, and Being.  You simply need to go and get it.  

By realizing this important truth…

  • You can start to take action on the things you have been idle on.
  • You can turn inward and begin to get busy on creating the life you deserve and desire.
  • You can praise others for realizing their potential and following their dreams.
  • Jealousy can be your friend and no longer something shameful because it is here to show you something that needs to be seen.


Every dark aspect has a light side waiting to be acknowledged and appreciated so that you can shine like you are meant to.

So the next time you catch yourself being jealous, use this awareness to help you see all of the divine gifts within you that are waiting to be brought out into the world. And say ” Thank You” to jealousy for showing you that which you had yet to recognize and embrace.

Shine on Bright One!

Love and Light

Catherine xo





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