Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be completely free of judgment and criticism towards your body and yourself?

For years, I struggled with loving my body.  I began weighing myself at the age of 8 and comparing myself and my body to those around me.  I was sensitive to what others thought of me and my body and unaware that my beliefs and energy played a part in me being able to love and accept my body for the gift that it truly was.

As a teenager, I made some choices that hurt my body and pushed me further into that disconnection with it.  I often resented it and pushed it into being something different than what it desired to be.

I desired to be at peace with my body and my body wanted to be at peace with me.

Since then, I have been on a powerful journey of healing not only my body, but my mind, and soul as well.  I have opened up doorways within myself that I forgot existed and had some incredible moments of awe and wonder.

The gift I have come to see is that this disconnection from my body has led me to this incredible passion for helping myself heal and helping others who face this same challenge too.  It has moulded me into the person I am now.

~ A person who is deeply appreciative of my body for choosing me in this lifetime to fulfill my purpose here.

~ A person who is deeply connected to my needs and desires and acts in love and compassion for my body and wellbeing.

~ A person who is passionate about helping others feel connected, loved, and supported on their journey of loving their body.

And so now, I am so honoured to offer this special One-Day Women’s Self-Care & Empowerment Retreat in one of my favourite places on earth ~ Le Nordik Spa Nature in Chelsea, QC.

I have created a special experience which will help you to clear and let go of all of those things which no longer serve you in regards to your body and beyond.  Here’s what our day together will look like:

9:30 am ~  Arrival and Greetings ( meet the other lovely ladies who are sharing this special day with you )

10:00am ~ Yoga for Every Body in the Alpina Lodge ~ Healthy Movement to ground you and set the tone for our day together

11:00 am ~ Group Activity ~ The Importance of Intention Setting and Acknowledging What No Longer Serves 

11:30am ~ Self Care Through Nutrition and Nourishment Workshop with Special Guest Holistic Nutritionist Amy Longard ( see below for details)

12:00pm ~ Lunch ~ During our workshop with Amy, she will guide us through the process of preparing our delicious Buddha Bowls (Healthy, Yummy Goodness) that we will be enjoying for our meal.
1:00pm ~ Personal Time for you to unwind, relax as you feel necessary.  You can choose to take a walk outside in nature, sit and read a book, or use the sauna or hot tub at the lodge.  This time is just for YOU. 
2:00pm ~ Group Healing Circle ~ Letting Go and Embracing the Beauty of YOU!  
4:00pm ~ Leave the Lodge for the Spa and enjoy the rest of the day/evening in the Baths. You can choose to stay for as little or as long as you like.  
* Spa access is included in the price for this retreat.
* Dinner is not included in your retreat price.  I will be booking a group table for dinner for 6:00pm.  Please let me know if you would like to join us for dinner that evening.
* Lunch and snacks are included

Investment in YOU = $349 + hit

Amy Longard

Amy Longard

Holistic Nutritionist

Self Care Through Nutrition and Nourishment 
Food is so much more than fuel. What, where, and how we eat can have a huge impact on the way we feel.  Taking the time to plan and prepare for healthy meals, choosing fresh & nutrient rich foods, and eating mindfully are all part of a self care routine. Chef & nutritionist Amy Longard will touch on these topics and then we’ll sit down for a healthy, nutritious meal together.
Amy Longard is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and professionally trained Natural Food Chef who is passionate about helping people lead healthier, more balanced lives. Through nutritional consultation, coaching, education, and cooking, Amy aspires to help people reach their goals and overcome health challenges.

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