There was a time in my life where I felt completely lost, disconnected, and unloved.  For years I carried this energy around with me like a heavy weight, and it kept me hidden, small, and frightened.


I was a girl, walking the earth, looking for love in all of the wrong places.  I didn’t know what I wanted because I didn’t know myself.  I didn’t know who I really was and what my purpose was here.

I have always been a sensitive person and this has been both my gift and my teacher.  I took other people’s energy on as my own from an early age and sought to remove and heal their pain for them.  I worried what others thought of me and tried my best to fit in.

It wasn’t until my late 20’s, married with two children, overwhelmed, and unhappy with my life that I decided to make some changes.


I reached out to my sister, who has always been a strong, supportive force in my life, and she recommended going to see a healer in my area.  Not knowing who to go to or where to begin, I did a search online and found Patricia Kehren, who did Pranic Healing.  Trusting in the guidance both my sister and my intuition had provided me, I booked an appt with her.

This first session set in motion a huge transformational shift in my life.  I didn’t know what Patricia was doing during the session and I didn’t really care!  It felt so light, peaceful, and calming and this was something I had rarely experienced in my life up to this point.  I could feel the love and support from Patricia and felt safe.  There were many times in my life where I did not feel safe to be me and so feeling safe was important to me.

I continued to see Patricia for healing sessions once every few weeks and each time we would work on an area that I wanted to heal in my life.  I began to feel more at ease and feel more connected to my inner world, my feelings, and felt more empowered in my body.

I felt empowered to change my life situation by leaving my marriage, choosing to start my own business, and creating the life I deserve.  The healing sessions had allowed me to let go of some of the heaviness that was weighing me down and had allowed me to see what was possible for me and my life.

Over the next several years, I had the gift of working with some amazing and beautiful healers who became my mentors and teachers.

The Healing Sessions were opening me up to my true authentic self; the Real Me that had been hidden all of that time.



I was open to playing and exploring.  I had the pleasure of experiencing hypnotherapy, reiki, and intuitive coaching with Diane Merpaw.  She understood me and provided a space of love and compassion.  I grew so much through our time together and learned that I am powerful and not a victim in my life.

From there, I felt guided to connect with Angelika Niedling, a beautiful soul, healer, and teacher.  Angelika guided me through some pivotol moments on my journey and always held space for me to grow, learn, and be true to myself.  She encouraged me to let go of what others think and to listen to my own intuition.  She introduced me to the healing power of angels through Integrated Energy Therapy and opened up a whole new world to me.  And it was under her guidance that I felt called to become a healer myself.

Another woman who has made a special imprint on my heart is Marie Migneault (aka my mama bear) who gives the most incredible bars sessions and hugs (they are a healing in themselves).  I saw Marie during my third pregnancy for baby Forest.  Her gentle, calming, and very “mother-earthy” kind of nature was just what I needed during a time of immense change and challenge in my life.

Each healer gave me a new gift, a new way of seeing what was already there.  And each healing session brought me closer to my true essence.  The energy that is felt in a healing session is not from the outside, but rather from within you.

You are experiencing your true nature being brought up to the surface so you can recognize the healer within you.



When you have even a glimpse of who you really are, that beautiful love essence from within you, you now see what is possible for you and your life.  That is the role of a healer.  To shine a light on what was always there and help you to see it also.

For the past several years I have been honoured, humbled, and amazed to be on this journey of healing and helping others to see what has always been inside of them, waiting to be seen, be loved, and rise up.  I have experienced healing sessions with many others who I now call my soul sisters and friends.  Cristie Vito, this girl is full of love, you can feel it the moment you’re in her presence.  She exudes it wherever she goes.  Rachelle Proulx McMahon, a bright spark of a lady, full of energy and love, you will feel cared for and embraced in her presence.  Jaya Hollohan, has helped me clear issues with money and beliefs surrounding that held within my cellular memory, using Body Talk Therapy; incredible!  Christina Hearns, so intuitive and sharp!  Christina offers an intuitive process of Chakra Reading as well as Reiki infused with essential oils at Planet Botanix.  And Jewels Rafter offers incredible guidance and insight through her card readings and healing sessions.  She’s a gem! 🙂

And of course my students and clients, who I have had the immense pleasure of not only helping but also learning from.

I am deeply grateful for all of the strong women who have come into my life at the perfect time in my journey, to serve as guides, teachers, and soul sisters.  My sister, Stephanie Hamilton (Nektar) a healer herself, was the first one to encourage me to pursue a healing session and for this I am forever grateful.

See, we never get anywere alone.  We always have guides with us, whether in the human form or otherwise.  We are always surrounded by love, support, and guidance.  All we have to do is ask….


So, why would you hire a healer?  What is speaking to you from within that guided you to read this?

Here’s just a few ways in which working with a healer can help you on your journey:

  • Help you let go of stress, anxiety, dis-ease and embrace more ease, joy, and empowerment
  • Create space for you to listen more clearly to your intuition and use your heart to guide you on your journey
  • Help you let go of judgments, fears, worshipping the opinions of others so you can be FREE to be YOU
  • Introduce you to the Real Authentic YOU and facilitate a relationship of love, compassion, and kindness within you
  • Provide insight and feedback on life’s challenges so that you can see it from a new perspective


If you are feeling guided to book a healing session, I encourage you to follow that intuition.  I have provided many different resources here in this blog and of course, I am always here to offer sessions also.  I would love to help you on your journey!

Each healer has a unique way of providing support and you will find the perfect one for you.  Please reach out to me with any questions,

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Until next time…

In love and light,

Catherine xo


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