I heard a woman’s story the other day that shocked me…

I was sitting around a table of smart, talented, business women at a networking dinner and one of the women began to tell us her story as we went around the table and introduced ourselves.

Her name was Mary Lou and she told us a story that touched a sensitive spot with me.  It was 1964 and she had been chosen as the only one of 50 girls to start training as a flight attendant for an airline that shall remain nameless.  She was a shy girl and didn’t speak a lot in those days about her opinions on things and would have been considered an introvert.  She was thrilled to be training for this job and had left her employment elsewhere for this opportunity.

After only three short weeks out of her 6 week course, she was pulled into the Director’s office and told that she would be leaving to go back home because of two things:

  1. She didn’t smile enough which made her an introvert according to the female manager and they didn’t hire introverts.
  2. Her waist was ONE INCH TOO BIG!! They measured them twice weekly and apparently she didn’t meet the requirements at this time. (Mary Lou was 115lbs at the time at 5’6″ tall.)

So, she was told to pack it up, pack it in, and get herself on the next plane out of there and home.

I was shocked.  I had never heard a story like this.  And then some of the other women agreed that this was “normal” at that time to be criticized and even fired for what they looked like or for not measuring up to the expectations of what others thought they should look like, dress like, behave like.

I didn’t know what to say either than ” WOW!”.  I have seen some discrimination in my life based on looks, gender, etc but never anything this awful.

It’s incredible to me that this not only existed, but still exists to some degree in our beliefs and thoughts today.

We may think that we have changed, but in some ways we still operate from that old mindset of judgment, appearance obsession, and perfectionism.

This is the same lunacy that had me weighing myself when I was 8 and comparing my bodies to those of my friends.  

The same ridiculousness that pushed me to put harmful substances into my body and mistreat it in order to look a certain way.

The same craziness that had me believing I was only worth what was on the outside.

And it the reason why I chose to turn my lessons into something positive and help other women learn to love their bodies unconditionally.

I have created retreats (like my upcoming Body Love Retreat), workshops, and talks on this subject and love being of service in this way.

Mary Lou also decided that she was going to take this awful experience and turn it into something positive.  Here’s what she learned:

  • She became more extroverted and learned to speak up for herself and network, socialize, and became the amazing go-getter she is today
  • She became passionate about telling this story with an intention to bring more awareness to issues such as this one that still exist today
  • She volunteers her time (now retired) and energy to help improve the quality of life for women and families in social housing


As the evening continued, we spoke about women helping women and how in the past women were often pitted against one another and not encouraged to love and support one another.

I related to this.  I can remember when I too felt threatened by other women and in competition with them.

I drank the crazy juice and allowed it to seep into my heart and mind.

But now, I see clearly.  Very Very Clearly.

You see, as women we are here as mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, supporters, soul sisters, confidants, and teachers for each other on this beautiful journey.



We are here to support each other in letting go of the beliefs and lies that tell us we’re not beautiful, perfect, amazing.  It is our responsibility to stop the madness and to re-connect with each other as natural, divine, leaders and healers of this world.

It is our chance and choice to uplift each other and help each other see the BEAUTY WITHIN EACH OF US.

It is our time to shine and appreciate our unique qualities and gifts without comparison or competition.

You were born with a unique blueprint of soul purpose in a unique body that is all yours baby! 

I am passionate about helping you see this internal and external beauty and align them to be able to bring your gifts to the world in the most perfect way for you.

I would love to hear how you are embracing your beauty insdie and out…

Drop me a note or comment

Love to you!

Catherine xo


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