In my early 20’s I struggled with being a Perfectionist.  I would stand in front of my closet each morning staring at my clothes, paralyzed by perfection.

I was overwhelmed with so many options and with what I thought others would think of me that I couldn’t think clearly for myself.  Perfectionism was a staple in my life for many years; almost three decades to be exact.  And I know that there are many women in our world today that struggle with this same thing.

~ The struggle to meet the expectations of others in regards to their bodies, careers, motherhood, and behaviours.

~ The challenge of learning to love their body regardless of its shape, size, and appearance.

~ The heavy beliefs and judgments that hold them back from living life with more ease, joy, and authenticity.

I bet you know someone who struggles with perfection or perhaps you are someone that struggles with these issues or has in the past.

Since I was a young child I can remember being overly concerned with how others perceived me and this caused a lot of stress and anxiety in my life.  I had a difficult time making decisions because I was fearful that I would make the “wrong” one.  I didn’t know how to go within myself and look for the answers within my heart.

It wasn’t until I went through a divorce (after being married for 9 years and having two children) at the age of 28, that I began to find some inner guidance and healing.  I had began to see an energy therapist to help me through some memories that were resurfacing from my childhood and were persisting and challenging me to acknowledge and heal them. Through the process of removing the energy imprints that these had left behind in my body, I was able to uncover more of the real me, the authentic true self.

And each time I did an energy healing session, I became clearer about who i was, what I required for my wellbeing, and how I was to go about attracting it.


I began to ask myself some questions…

~ Who Am I?

~ What Do I Really Want/ Require/ Desire?

~ Why Am I Here?

I stopped focusing on what others were thinking, doing, saying and more on what my inner guide was telling me to do.

My heart became the compass by which I travelled and made important decisions on which way to go and my life began to unfold in front of me in the most beautiful way.


The more I tuned into my heart and asked it what it wanted, the easier it became to listen and take action.

I was no longer paralyzed by fear, perfection, or anything that wasn’t in alignment with my highest good.

I learned three valuable tools…

  1. When faced with a difficult decision, especially when it involves conflicting opinions from other people, I always tune into my heart and ask it what it desires.
  2. When worried about what others may think of me in terms of my appearance, my actions, or my choices, I simply see their perspective as an  ” Interesting Point of View” ( I learned this tool from Access Consciousness Bars Therapy) and know that it has nothing to do with me.
  3. I learned to be in my body, feel safe in my body, and use my breathe to find my way there and stay there. When I am fully in my body, I am ready to serve and fulfill my purpose here with ease, joy, and glory.


For centuries, our world has been plagued with these heavy beliefs that tell us we need to look outside of ourselves in order to “fix” something that we are told is “wrong” with us.


When in fact, There is nothing wrong with us and there never has been. We have always been perfect, perfectly imperfect.  We have never needed to change a thing.  The only thing that has ever needed to go was the belief that we were not absolutely perfect and whole to begin with.


The awakening of the divine feminine is upon us.  

What does that mean?

It means that our world is moving away from the more masculine dominant right side (left side brain) way of doing things in a practical, logical way and into the more feminine energy (left side body, right side brain) way of welcoming things through intuition, insight, creativity, and nurturing.

This is why we see a huge shift occurring in our world.  People are waking up to their feminine energies within them and embracing more of their creativity, sensuality, and divine purpose.  Healers are coming out of the woodwork after hiding their divine gifts for decades, centuries, and thousands of years.

It is now a safe time to embrace who we are individually and as a whole.


It is time to find your piece in the big puzzle and get to work with creating the life you deserve and desire.


And it is time to let go of anything that no longer serves us and that includes thinking, feeling, and believing that we are not perfect divine creatures of GOD.

When you let go of what others may think, or the idea that you need to gain something from the outside in order to be perfect, you realize your authenticity. And then perfect transforms itself and becomes a helper on your journey (because it’s all about perspective you know).

Perfection when aligned with authenticity becomes your superpower.  Your WHY AM I HERE? and WHO AM I?


The trueness of YOU is enough.  You are enough.  You already are perfection. And that is all that is ever needed.

All of the rest is just bonus. 🙂

Are you someone that struggles with perfectionism and would like to become more at ease with the real you?

Find out more about my Energy Healing Sessions here

Namaste and Blessings dear friend,

Catherine xo





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