Do you often feel frustrated with not being able to bring your great ideas to the world?

A theme that has arisen in many of my healing sessions recently is people feeling frustrated with not being able to bring their great ideas into fruition and into actualization.

As entrepreneurs, business people, or as creative minds you may have a lot of things that you want to do, great projects,  and things that can help others in so many ways. But, often, we can get overwhelmed with how many things we need to do in order to make that a reality and we can get stuck in our head and overwhelmed. Then we procrastinate, because we’re overwhelmed and we’re stressed..

How do you take all those ideas and then make it reality?

When I am working with an energy healing client and i scan their energy centres (chakras) often I find that somebody that has this issue is limited or even blocked in the energy flow of their lower three chakras.  The lower three chakras located at the base of the spine, the naval area, and the solar plexus are all related to our earthly needs, desires, and being able to bring our gifts down to earth and fulfill our purpose here.

When there is an issue with one or all of these areas, it restricts the free flow of downward energy and can limit one’s expression of their creativity in the physical form.  . Often in these cases,  the chakras that are located in the upper part of the body are more open ( those that relate to creativity, connection to the divine, inspiration, thought, and vision). So, this means that they are receiving the ideas and visions for the life they are meant to be living, or they have somewhat of an idea of the direction they would like to take in their life but feel stuck in taking action and getting things done.

They know WHAT they need to do but are not sure HOW to do it and need some help in getting started.

From my own personal experience with this and with clients, I can tell you, self-care is highly beneficial.

Self-care is about the mental, the emotional, the spiritual, and the physical. If you are someone that has a lot of amazing ideas but have difficult making them a reality, physical self-care will help you to bring that energy down from the top of your head and into your body and ground you in the present moment so you can begin to actualize your potential.

In order to actualize your potential, you need to be in your body.

Then the question becomes, How do you bring yourself into your body?

Being aware that you may not completely be in your body and then asking your soul, asking your full-self to come into your body, and breathing is a great place to start.

Take a breath.

So many people can get on doing, doing, doing and not taking a moment to stop and notice the breath, and bring their awareness inside the body, and notice what is going on there.

Being in your body = being present.

There’s always going to be a list of 100 things to do. In order to prioritize and know what’s most important and start acting on those dreams that you have and making them a reality, you have to be in your body.

We are both spiritual, amazing beings, and we are also humans. That’s the interesting thing about it. We have unlimited potential but within a limited framework of being human.

And a body needs self-care.

Through practicing yoga, taking a walk outside, being with nature, breathing, and feeling the inside of your body, and noticing what’s there and staying there, you can become more present and access the energy and action needed to fulfill your dreams.

If you’re noticing when you’re working on something, for instance, and you get in your head a lot, I want you to stop, take a moment, go inward, breathe, and notice what’s going on. Then, resume your activity and notice how much clearer your mind is. Notice how much easier it is to focus on what needs to be done.

Practicing self-care is vital.  People often get it the other way around; they make it an accessory to their life. But if you made self-care a priority in your life, you would be amazed at how many things fall into place for you, because you are in your body.

You are being and driving the vehicle that will get those things done and attract those things to you.

If you’re feeling frustrated because you have so many amazing ideas and you just haven’t been able to actualize them, then I want you to practice more self-care. I want you to practice more physical self-care. I want you to practice being in your body and that just takes awareness and breath. And listen to your body and give it what it needs.  You can do some gentle stretching, some yoga, or more rigorous exercise, if that’s what your body requires. Every day your body may require something different so having different tools is helpful.

Make a plan or find someone who can help you get started and offer guidance and support.

I help people actualize their potential and get out of their head and into their body through energy healing, coaching, and self-care tools.  Having a coach and support system has always been helpful for me in my own life and I am grateful to be of service in this way to others on their journey.

Do one small thing today.

I challenge you to start doing a physical self-care practice in the morning and start noticing the breath and bring the breath into the body as well. And then noticing when you stray from being present and gently reminding yourself to turn your attention inwards and call yourself back into your body using the breath as a focus.

You have something amazing to offer that nobody else has.   If you are ready to bring your gifts into the light and serve in way that feels right and uplifting for you, being grounded and in your body will help you greatly.

Eating nutritious foods, taking walks outside in nature, using your body physically, breathing, and bring your awareness inside of your body so you’re fully inhabiting that space, are all ways to help you actualize your potential.

If you are looking for some help in your self-care practice I have created the Me Treat, a FREE 7-day at home retreat, just for you. I created it with the purpose of helping people become more connected to their bodies and really connected to the true divine essence of who they are, so they can serve here, so we can make this planet, this world what it’s really capable of being, an amazing place for all of us.

Peace, light, and blessings to you!

Catherine xo