Do you ever feel drained from giving away your vital energy and power to everyone else?

If you’re a naturally sensitive person and like to help others this can become unbalanced if you’re not taking care of you and choosing where and with who to put your energy.

When you’re someone that is sensitive and you want to take care of others and you find that you are doing that a lot in your life, you can easily give out your energy to others and be focusing too much on what they’re doing and not enough on your own healing, and your own life, and what you need to be doing here. That can lead to a large imbalance in your energy field and a large amount of energy being given out vs coming in.

Here’s 3 tools to help you reclaim so of the lost energy and empower yourself to live the life you desire:

#1 Identify what percentage of energy you give out in regards to worrying about others. Take a moment and ask this question and then put a rough number to it…  Is it 50%, 20% , 80%? I’ve heard things as high as 80% from many of my clients when it comes to what is occupying their mind, their space, their energy. Taking moment to recognize it and become aware of it is the first step in clearing it away. And then you have choice. You could look at this amount that you are putting into this person or situation and say,  “Hey, maybe I don’t need to be putting this much energy out there. Maybe I don’t need to be focusing on that person and what they’re doing”.  When you begin to withdraw that outward focus on the outside world and what others are doing and bring it home to where it belongs, inside of you, you in essence restore that vital life energy.

#2 Practice being in your body. This often raises some eyebrows for people. “What do you mean practice being in my body?” So often we’re up in our head, we’re not even in our body at all, we’re kind of floating around up there in our heads, our thoughts and not fully present.  I often use a house analogy to describe this. Imagine that your body is the house and your head is the front step.  And now imagine that you open up the door to your front house and it’s full of junk. You see that there is so much clutter in there and you say  “I am not dealing with that today” and you close the door and you sit on the front step.  When you have old blocked emotions and traumas sitting inside your body or house you may find it challenging to sit in there and be at peace.  This is often why so many people have a difficult time sitting silently or meditating without any outside distraction.

So, How can you clear those things so you can be more in “your house” or in your body?

Start small. One of the greatest tools for bringing your awareness into your body is by using your breath to become more aware of your inner body.  Keep in mind that if your house is cluttered; if your body’s cluttered with thoughts, with beliefs that need to be shifted and with emotions that you’ve suppressed from the past, then it can be challenging at first to sit in that space. That’s why you start little by little. You go in the front door, you maybe sit in the foyer, clear that out, you practice being in that space and then you move on to the other rooms.  Physical Self-Care tools such as yoga, walking, running, dancing, working out etc are great ways to focus our breath and bring our awareness inside our bodies and help to clear out clutter over time.

And if you want to be able to clean house in a quicker and easier way, then try an Energy Healing session.  

Energy Healing helps us to clear away the clutter and mess that is keeping us from being fully present and grounded in who we are.

#3 Making a choice. You always have choice and possibility available to you. So you can make a choice where to put your energy. We can choose not to engage in negativity, not to engage in conflict, and not to engage in drama.  If we find that we really care for someone, really love them, but we’re constantly thinking about them and not about ourselves and that’s draining us, then we can choose to engage in a less harmful way to ourselves, to keep more of our vital energy for ourselves.

I believe that one of the most powerful ways in which you can really help others energetically is to be in your body, to be present, to be grounded, and to send them love.

Because they have to do the healing themselves. This can be a hard lesson for people to get. We can’t help others heal if they’re not ready to heal, so the best thing we can do is practice our own self-care, be grounded in our bodies, do our own healing. Be a presence of love and compassion, either close or from a distance. It works either way.

I hope that these tools help you in some way and I would love to hear what you do to stay present, grounded, and to practice self-care so that you can be in your body.  And if you’d like to learn some really effective easy tools for letting go of the clutter inside so that you can feel at peace in your body and life, I’d love to help.  Simply send me a message and we’ll chat about how I can help you move forward with greater ease, joy, and love.

Peace and Love to you <3

Catherine xo