Where are you preventing yourself from receiving love?

Have you ever downplayed a compliment that someone was trying to give you?  Have you had someone recently tell you that you look great or you’re beautiful and you met them with something like “Oh yeah, but you know, this is just something I threw on,” or “Oh this thing, it was 10 bucks.”  Learning and understanding how you receive love ( also known as your ” Love Languages ” ) is very useful in being more open to accepting and inviting greater love into your life.

When you downplay a gift or don’t allow yourself to receive it, you are in essence blocking the universe from sharing gifts of joy and love with you.

One of my favourite books that I often recommend to women and men alike is The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I have found it a very useful resource in understanding and appreciating our uniqueness and communicating that with others.  As humans, we often want to give to others in the way that we like to receive love.

We often don’t consider the questions, ” How would they like to receive love?” and ” Where am I most open to receiving love from others?”

Over the past 10 years of helping women ( and some enlightened men) invite more ease, joy, and abundance into their lives through self-care and self-healing techniques I have noticed that there are a few main areas where we can be closed to receiving due to old trauma or beliefs that haven’t yet been cleared and transformed.  Understanding yourself better through the lens of your love languages gives a unique perspective.

I’d like to share 3 of them with you:

  1. Words of appreciation from others for a job well done.  When you’ve done something that has really brought joy into someone else’s life they naturally they are appreciative and thankful and often want to express this gratitude to you with words.  I am a high words of appreciation girl; in fact, it’s my #1 Love Language as described in Gary Chapman’s book “The 5 Love Languages”.  It takes effort for others to tell you how much they appreciate and love what you have done for them.  The next time someone gives you love through words of appreciation, take notice of where you are resisting this love and allow your heart to relax a little, take a pause, open up, and receive it. With repetition you will be returning to your true nature of being open and accepting of all of the goodness coming your way.
  2. Physical touch is another area where many women can relate to being less open to receiving love. Being held or being hugged by others can bring up unwanted resistance if you’ve had a traumatic experience in regards to physical touch or if you were raised in an environment where it wasn’t one of the primary love languages.  For me, I am much more open to receiving physical touch if I am also receiving my primary love languages of words of appreciation and gifts (small or big, i love them all!)  Because I recognize this, I am able to help heal old issues and traumas through my awareness.  My partner is a high physical touch kinda guy so I make an effort to communicate through physical touch more often even though it is sometimes outside of my comfort zone.  Because I trust him and feel safe with him I am healing old trauma and past abuse by giving love in this way and being more open to receiving it.
  3. Accepting help from others. If one of your primary love languages is Acts of Service, you may do a lot for others but can sometimes feel unappreciated if they are not helping out around the house, doing errands for you, or giving back is some way. This can create resentment and frustration and create a wedge between you and others.  What I often see is people who have this as a primary love language want others to help out because that is how they will feel loved, but won’t ask for the help and eventually become upset and think that people around them don’t care.  It may be a challenge or outside of your comfort zone to ask for others to help out but it is empowering when you speak up and say what is in your heart.  Most often, those around you are trying to convey their love in their primary love language rather than yours.  And this can be where the confusion and issues arise.  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. And then open up your heart to allow it to come through. 

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The Universe wants you to give you so many wonderful gifts if you’ll just let go and be open to receiving them.

When you’re open to receiving not just from others but gifts from the universe and from within you, that’s when you can really accept those things and bring them forward into your life and live your purpose here.

If you’re not open to receiving, then you can’t receive. Simple.

When somebody says, “You’re great, you’re awesome, you’re amazing,” say, “Thank you,” and feel it in your heart and take it in, and just notice how that feels.

I am sending you a virtual hug right now… Can you feel it?

Peace and Love,

Catherine xo