How is your ego and it’s perfectionist tendencies getting in the way of you realizing your true potential?

On this journey that we’re on of healing ourselves and learning to let go of things, often still we can get caught in that perfectionist attitude of wanting to heal things quickly and wanting to be ” perfect”. We become ” spiritual overachievers” as Steven Thayer, creator of IET likes to call it.

Here’s a truth: There’s nothing wrong with you to begin with.

Ego likes to create conflict with others, issues, separation, and it likes to draw your attention to where things may not be ” going your way” .

With the ego in charge, you’ll never be truly at peace. You’ll always be searching for something else.

When we’re on the journey of self discovery and healing, we can often think that we have to keep moving from one thing to the next, and trying one modality and then another modality, and learning from this person and learning from that person, and we’re never truly happy or at peace with who we are. Without awareness we easily become Paralyzed by Perfection. 

Really, you never really need any of those things to be truly at peace with who you are, but sometimes it’s those things that lead you, ironically, to the place of knowing that you never need any of those things.

I’ll often have a client come to me and ask about a conflict they are experiencing with others or they become aware of a certain situation that’s been coming up over and over in their life. I encourage them to take notice of where their ego wants to create conflict; take notice of where the ego wants to make a problem.

Tell me if this sounds familiar… You ask the universe for something, It’s within your grasp, you manifest it and bring it to actualization, you’re happy for a few minutes, and then you find a problem.

You become stuck in a cycle of Problem -Solution-Problem-Solution…..

If you are aware that you’re stuck in a cycle similar to this, I encourage you to begin to notice, where it’s your ego, not you, but your ego starting to find a conflict. Because the ego thrives on conflict.

By taking notice of it and becoming aware of it, you transcend it. You move past it.

One of my most influential teachers in my life has been Eckhart Tolle.  As Eckhart says,  you become transparent and allow it to flow through you rather than having it hit a harsh wall or a block inside of you and becoming trapped.

I think of the Ego like a volume button.  When you’re not being lead by it, it gets turned down a bit so it’s not at the forefront of your mind. It’s not the loudest thing going on.  You become aware that it’s there but It no longer controls you.  It’s there to show you where you’re creating conflict, where you’re choosing to be at conflict with things, and then you have choice.

When you can notice that the ego is doing its thing and creating conflict, you can rise above it and you can bring awareness and love into that space because that is who you truly are.

There’s a peacefulness that resides within you, which is far greater than that.

We’re here to learn to let go of things. We’re here to learn to transcend things. Being in a human body is not always an easy thing. There’s lots that comes up being in a human body but we are unlimited beings in a limited reality. The ego is just part of that. The human body comes with some limitations and the ego is part of those limitations, part of our life here. But when you can realize this and learn to be at peace with it, then you realize and awaken your true power and potential.

Perfectionism is the ego wanting to be perfect, wanting things to be healed already. I can relate to that. Notice where your ego wants to not only create conflict but also needs things to be perfect and ” healed”.

In truth, it is the letting go of the how, when, where, why, and all attachment and control over the healing process that allows it to naturally come forth.   This realization is the healing in itself.

Letting go is the ultimate gift that you can give to yourself in this moment.

Life is to be cherished and I cherish you.

From my heart to yours,

Catherine xo