Do you often feel overwhelmed by everyday situations and events and are seeking a solution?

Whether you’re a mom, an entrepreneur,  or a really sensitive person (or all three) , stress and overwhelm can often come up as a symptom of something much bigger.

For many years, I lived in the reactive mode and got caught up in feelings of overwhelm and pain on physical, mental, and emotional levels.  I eventually began to notice the cycle I was creating and desired to create something different for myself.  I wanted to have an experience of lightness and ease in my body, mind, & soul.

Through self-care practices and the healing power of awareness I learned how to transform my stress, pain, and overwhelm into ease, joy, and peace.

I know that you may also be feeling as I did and require some help on your journey.  I am passionate about helping you to live the life you desire and be in a body that makes you feel at ease and uplifted.

Here are three awarenesses that I made along my journey.  I hope that they can help you in some way:

1. Be Proactive rather than Reactive.  Don’t wait for your overwhelm or pain to get up to a 10/10.  Learn from the past situations and know that healing yourself takes time and patience.  It also requires presence and commitment to help you let go of the pain that you’re holding in your body, mind, and soul.  Start with a small amount of time daily, specifically set aside just for you to practice self-care.  Mark it in your calendar of your phone and set a reminder if this helps you to remember.  You don’t miss out on important appointments when they are scheduled.  Make this time just as important as your other appointments.


2. Look Beyond the Symptom.  When it comes to your pain, begin to look beyond the symptom and into the source.  Your attention may be drawn towards where you are experiencing the pain, trauma, or anxiety.  And often you may feel like you’re getting pulled outwards and looking towards others as the cause of this issue.  Take a moment when the symptom “flares up” and notice what is going on underneath the symptom.  Become silent, breathe, and watch yourself wanting to react to the perceived problem with creating another issue, seeking an immediate relief, or blaming someone or something else.  This awareness is a major factor in moving through the pain and healing the issue at it’s root.


3. Forgive Yourself. Blame and Guilt are old stress patterns that keep you stuck and unaware of your true potential.  To release these is to give yourself the freedom you deserve to move forward with greater ease, joy, and comfort in your body, mind, and soul.  And to dedicate time and space for yourself each day is to release these patterns with grace and love.  You are worthy of all of the goodness that is waiting for you.  And you have come here to learn many things and among them is learning to love yourself unconditionally so that you can be a presence of love and peace here.  Take a moment each day to connect with your heart space and feel the love that is within you growing and spreading throughout your body.  Remind yourself often that you come from love and offer yourself the grace and forgiveness of your past.  This is an immense gift and offering to your sacred self.

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On your journey, remember that you are the healer of yourself and creator of your reality.  Embrace this truth and feel empowered to live the life you desire.

Today and always, I send you love, peace, and harmony.


Catherine xo