For many years I struggled with cultivating a grateful attitude, mindset, and heartset. I was raised in a large family with a lot of chaos and busyness going on around me.

I often compared my life to those of my friends and would tell myself that they had it better than me. I was not appreciative for the life that I had and unable to see the gift that my life was.

I was living with a mindset and heart-set of scarcity, lack, and jealousy.

And I was completely unaware that I was living this way.

And then the universe showed me who I was choosing to be by bringing people, places, situations, and circumstances into my life.

The Karmic stage was set over and over again, and each time I saw a little clearer, listened a little more, and opened my heart a little wider.

Each lesson brought me closer to living an abundant life and cherishing each moment.

I have to say though; it was the experience of going through a divorce, at the young age of 28, with two young children that taught me the biggest lesson of all in gratitude. I had to LET GO of so much heaviness, beliefs, judgments, expectations, and opinions from other people. My material world changed and relationships changed.

My Ego complained and resisted, but my soul rejoiced.

When you can be grateful for the ups, the downs, and everything in between, you can truly appreciate all of life.

Gratitude puts you in a space of openness and acceptance of all that is and allows the universe to fully support you in turning your dreams into reality.

Keeping a gratitude journal has allowed me to focus on what I am thankful for and all of the gifts in my life rather than being pulled down into negativity and focusing on what I don’t have.

It was a choice that turned into a habit that has now become a way of life for me.

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I also want to share this great article with you on 9 fantastic self-care practices for increasing confidence ( hint … one of them is gratitude)   It comes from a great online community of articles which provide a diverse array of information about health and wellness topics for women.
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Yours In Gratitude,

Catherine xo