A new and popular theme in our culture lately and on newsfeeds has been the topic of Boundaries.

I often hear people say “I need to create boundaries,” or another popular one is, “I need to clear out the negative people from my life. I need clear out the negativity. I need to create some boundaries around this so this doesn’t happen or that doesn’t happen.”

But I ask you… Are boundaries really necessary?

If you’re in a human body and you’re reading this you have most likely been hurt before. Been hurt by somebody else or your own actions.  Perhaps that has brought up some undesirable emotions and feelings around that. And so, in an effort to quiet that, to not recreate it in your own life, you have pushed that down and felt that you need to create boundaries, rules, guidelines, so that others will not hurt you, so that others will know where they stand and where you stand and all of this to protect yourself.

So, is it true that boundaries will save you and protect you?

As we move along in our journey we start to learn things, right? And one of those steps may be that you’re no longer accepting the way that others are treating you. You’re no longer accepting the way that things are and you wish to change your life situation. And that’s great. And sometimes we get caught up in the boundary thing, that we need to have boundaries so then others will know what we stand for and they’ll know that they can’t pull that stuff on us.

And it seems like a lot of effort, doesn’t it? To put walls up and to put up boundaries?

You can think about boundaries like energetic walls around you. You are trying to protect yourself from being hurt.

So often we feel the need to create boundaries or rather our ego feels the need to create boundaries so that we don’t get taken advantage of because perhaps in the past we were open, and we were loving, and we were kind, and that’s what our ego is telling us this story of. And so somebody came along and they took advantage of us or hurt us and so we need to make sure that next time that’s not going to happen. So we tell ourselves that we need to set some boundaries in this relationship.

Our heart is still carrying that around and doesn’t feel that it can withstand that again. Our wounded self doesn’t feel that it can weather another storm like that so we decide to set boundaries.

What is the fear that is driving this decision?  Ultimately I think the fear of not being loved and not being accepted is a major factor if not the main one in creating boundaries.

But what if I told you that there was a lighter way you could approach this?

A new way of looking at boundaries and becoming more empowered to have choice in your relationships and life?

A way to let go of needing to keep up walls around you and instead be a force of indomitable love and peace?

I want you to consider a different type of thought.

Rather than creating boundaries, I would like you to consider being fully present in your body.

Being fully aware of the space within your body, which allows you to access this incredible essence of love, compassion, appreciation, and kindness that emits an energy around you and in your energy field that is so incredibly powerful that the need to create boundaries ceases to exist.

Because when you are fully embodied and fully present in your body, there is no need to create boundaries. There is no need to protect yourself from an oncoming attack or from the words or opinions of others.

When you are fully in your body and fully present you emit an energy that’s kind of like a glowing white ball of love surrounding you.

And when others are maybe hurtful or sending you an energy that is not desirable, it gets diffused through this glowing ball of love and through this energy that you’re emitting. And so by the time it gets to the core of who you are it’s gone. It’s either so diminished that it rarely affects you or it doesn’t affect you at all.

So you be the energy of love and emit that to such a degree that there’s no fear, there’s no need to create a boundary, or a wall, or a rule around what others are doing.

You naturally surrender to the energy and the power within you and that is so powerful and so empowering that not only does it shift and change your perception of what’s going on right now in the moment and get rid of that need for boundaries, but it also raises the vibration of those that enter into your space. It allows them to become more present.

Have you ever noticed when you’re watching say a bird or an animal or you’re out in nature and something catches your attention, you’re mind becomes clear and you’re immediately present. You’re drawn into presence. Now why is that? I watch my two year old who’s very intensely present and so much in his power and my mind ceases to do its rambling, to do its craziness. I’m so intensely present because of his presence as well. His presence helps me to become more present. So when you are more present, you’re more in your body and grounded in who you are. It naturally shifts the energy of those around you. There is no need to create those boundaries. There is no need to tell yourself that you need to protect yourself against these other people.  It’s a huge awareness.

And when you cease to need boundaries and when you are fully embodied, you can access easily the gifts that are available to you. You can access and open those gifts within you with ease, with clarity and know what the next step is in your journey.

Feeling and thinking that you need boundaries is a distraction from going inward, from knowing what you need, from knowing what your heart desires, from then following through on your life purpose.

So, reclaim that energy that you’re using to push outwards and to think that you need to set boundaries and rules so that people won’t mistreat you, so they won’t do the things they did in the past, and focus on you.

Focus on bringing your energy back inside, focus on the inner body and be as present as possible. Be as present as you possibly can be.

You don’t need to worry about being hurt. You can trust that everything is fine and everything is okay and everything is perfect and there’s no need to worry about the future.

Does this resonate with you?

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Love and Blessings

Catherine xo