“How do you reconcile with your body and what does that mean?

Reconciliation: the restoration of friendly relations.
synonyms: reuniting, reunion, bringing together (again), conciliation, reconcilement, rapprochement, fence-mending; More


In our culture, we often do very harmful things to our body. In my past, I exercised a lot, I ate harmful things, I put harmful substances in my body, and treated my body like a garbage disposal. I did that in the past because I really didn’t have a love and appreciation of my body and I did not view it as I do today, as this sacred vessel and vehicle to do my soul’s work.

So often we can be shameful and guilty when it comes to our body and we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves and our body to perform in a certain way, to look a certain way, and that’s not helpful or kind.

One of the lessons that I have learned is that in order to really love myself and bring my work to the world I have to love my body.

Having a reconciliation with the body is about letting go, forgiveness and appreciating and recognizing that whatever choices you made at the time were made from that level of awareness, but perhaps now you’re moving into a higher level of awareness and perhaps now you’ve seen the karmic cycles that have gone on in your life, so you’ve noticed that the things that used to work for you maybe don’t work for you anymore.

Reconciling with your body means coming home to yourself, feeling at peace in your body, forgiving the past, and being in a space to love and appreciate every single cell within your body.

That comes with practice.  Practice is so important, especially when we’re dealing with something physical, a physical manifestation of the inner world, like the body.

Pain, stress, anxiety, negative mindset and body love story ( the way you view your body) are all signs that a reconciliation needs to occur in order for you to live with greater ease, joy, purpose , and freedom.

Through physical self-care, we provide that space to get to listen to what the body wants.  In Arurveda, the sister science to Yoga, one of the key principles talks about the body and balance. It teaches that…

When the body is out of alignment or out of balance, it craves what keeps it out of balance. When the body is in balance, it then craves what keeps it in balance.

So how do you get from the body being out of balance to the body being in balance if you’re craving what keeps you out of balance?

In my experience I have found it very useful to first create a space to go within and to practice self-care and provide your body with a smorgasbord of options to try different things and then see what feedback my body is giving me. I ask my body what it wants and then open up to listening.

What is your body telling you?

So often the source of pain is stemming from a spiritual lesson for us. When we get that lesson, the body heals on the physical level, and so reconciling with our body and having the health and wellness we truly desire means really loving and appreciating who we are.

One tool that has been incredibly healing and transformative for me has been to write in a Body Love Journal.  I encourage you to start a body love journal. I encourage you to write down five things that you love or appreciate about yourself with at least one of them being your body. When I first started this practice, it was very challenging for me. I had very much a negative mindset when it came to my body. I didn’t love and appreciate it, and I pushed it very hard to look a certain way and be a certain way, but I was never happy.

When we can start to love and appreciate those little things about our body, then that just creates this domino effect in our life when we start to appreciate other things around us and we start to listen more intently to what our heart is telling us because we’re practicing self-love and body-love.

That’s where all the answers are. They’re within you. All of the answers are within you, and so how do you uncover that and have clarity and purpose in your life?  Start with the body. The body is the gateway to being able to listen to what the soul and the heart are saying.

Have you done this Body Love Journal practice before?  If so, tell me what your experience was. And if this is new to you, Do you feel open to giving it a try? Send me a message and let’s chat. 

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Catherine xo