Chances are you’re familiar with the saying ” Karma’s a Bitch. “

And so often it has been used in reaction to “somebody getting what was owed to them”  or they did something “bad” in the eyes of another and then something happens to them and we say ” Karma’s a bitch” like we feel good that this person has been punished for their errors. That seems kind of twisted doesn’t it?

I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding around what karma really is, and it can even be kind of comical sometimes.  But I love talking about karma because it’s such an important part of being this spiritual being in a human body as we all are.

Karma is part of living a human life, and learning to remember who we are and where we came from, and it has a really important role to play in our lives.

Let’s start with looking at ” What is karma not? ”

Karma is not retribution. And it is not punishment.  Karma is not a punishment for something you’ve done or someone else has done.  Somehow it became this idea that when somebody wronged you, that karma’s going to get them. From a place of unawareness we can often find ourselves in this trap of the ego.  It’s not about getting even with that person, because the outer world is a reflection of the inner world, so those people — we’re all connected — are a reflection of you. So, then the question arises, do you really want other people to be punished and to go through this awful punishment for something that they’ve done, which may have been completely unconscious?

Or is it something bigger that you’re seeking?  A shift in perception and a welcoming of peace into your life and the lives of others?

So then, what is karma?

Karma is a setting. A stage setting that occurs, for us to attract the people, places, settings, and circumstances so we can master a skill or a lesson, and so we can have soul mastery and learn to move forward in our life with more ease and joy and grace.

Our soul comes into this body in this lifetime, and our soul wants to learn a few lessons, we could say, right? Before we came here, we made a decision, we’re going to come and we’re going to incarnate into this time in these bodies that we have, but we have some lessons to learn so that our soul can master a few skills and things. We forget that, though. We wake up in kind of this human amnesia, and we forget that we made this agreement, and we forget that we’re here to learn lessons.

Here’s an example:

Say that you have a lesson to learn, and it’s about love. You’re learning how to trust and love others, how to let others love you. You came here with that lesson to learn. Naturally, when there’s a lesson to learn, the universe and God and your angels and guides are going to support you in that and they’re going to set a stage for you by bringing different players and different actors onto that stage in the form of people and places and circumstances, so that you can flex your spiritual muscles, become more resilient, become stronger, become more loving and kind towards yourself and therefore others.

See how that works?

So, each time that stage gets set, you may become more aware of what’s going on and awareness clears Karma.

The karmic cycle repeats as many times as is needed so we can learn to master the skills that we came here to master, so we can learn to get to know ourselves more intimately, and remember our true nature of love, and remember who we are and where we came from.

Without that challenge or that obstacle, we may have never gotten to that place.  These settings, the circumstances are set through that karmic cycle so once again, we have another chance to learn a little bit more about ourselves, to peel away another layer of the onion, and to heal something.

How incredible is that? Imagine if you came here in this human body, and you had one chance to get it right. You could never make a mistake. How awful would that be? So, we think of karma as this bad thing, or some retribution or punishment, but I think it’s such incredible grace and love that we get several times before we may master something.

You need to extend that compassion, kindness, and understanding to yourself and to others. We don’t always master the skill in the first go. Karma is a gift and the stage gets set over and over so we can eventually recognize the cycle, and see that, “Oh, okay, I see this happening again,” this time with better awareness, being more open. “I’m going to be a little bit more open than I was before, or a lot more open, and I’m going to just be vulnerable to learning the lessons I need to learn, because I’ve seen the cycle.”

Can you relate to having some awareness about a cycle that you keep attracting over and over? It could be a cycle of self-sabotage, it could be that you seem to be attracting the same people and same circumstances and same settings that you have before. Have you ever noticed how you sometimes see the same thing happening over and over but it’s coming in the form of a different job, or a different relationship, or a different person? Have you been attracting the same circumstance over and over and over, but you’re not sure why? That’s karma. It’s karma knocking on your door, saying, “Hello, it’s me again. You didn’t quite get it right last time, or you learned a little bit, but because you’re here to master this skill, I’m here to give you another chance.”

Karma is the gift of grace and opportunity, another chance to master this skill again.

At any moment, the universe is open and sending you all of these amazing things. It’s ready to help. It’s on your side. God wants you to succeed. Your angels and guides want you to succeed. They want you to be able to welcome all of the amazing gifts that are your birthright into your life, and so, through karma, and through the cycle that we create, you are able to notice the patterns that you might be unconsciously acting out of, and creating the same cycle, and you’re able to — with awareness and consciousness — move into a higher level of awareness, and then shift and change those things.

How do you clear the karmic cycle?

Each time you notice that you have that same cycle come over and over, you can be aware and ask yourself  ” Why am I creating this cycle? What am I doing to create this cycle ?”  and asking the questions without having to know all of the answers and then being open to receiving the guidance and support .

Ask for help. Ask your angels, your guides, God, the universe, whoever your heart connects to, ask for help in seeing the karmic cycle, in seeing the cycle and being able to heal it. Each time you move through a karmic cycle and you heal something, it’s done. It’s gone. The lesson is learned. You graduate.

If you’re looking for more guidance on your journey, more help on your journey, and really, you want support, and a mirror to help you see more of yourself, then I would love to help you.

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Peace, love, so much blessings to you today and always. I’ll talk to you soon.