Clarity.  We all want clarity.

When I ask people, “What do you want to have in 2018? What do you want to have going forward?” there’s always this desire to have clarity because when we have clarity, things are more effortless. We can now see the path that is laid out in front of us. I think in a lot of ways, it helps people to feel less fearful about the future, about taking that step forward.

The ego would like us to have the clarity upfront, to know everything that’s going to happen. But there’s the little trick, the little twist there, is that in order for us to become really confident in ourselves, and trust and have faith in ourselves, and in God, and in the universe, we need to take those little steps, sometimes in blind faith.

Having that trust and that anchor of our heart towards that future objective means having a little bit of that letting go of needing to have everything laid out in front of you first.

Of course, as humans, we have this interesting challenge of being these spiritual, incredible beings in a human body.  Sometimes we lack that clarity because there’s traumas, there’s abuses blocking us.  So, we make up stories about how things are going to play out and that can confuse us. We make up ideas about what people think about us and that can confuse us. When we want to be clear on something or have clarity, we have all these different visions and ideas going on in our head, so we’re not always clear.

Clarity comes from action.

Little actions, little by little, day by day.

The heart knows what it wants, so there is some clarity there. When you speak of something that you love, that you’re passionate about, and it lights you up inside, and it lights up your heart, that is some clarity that you’re getting. You don’t always know how that’s going to manifest and how that’s going to come to fruition, but the clarity is there. You know that this is the way you feel about something. You know that it lights you up inside. You know that it’s connected to your purpose here.

But sometimes where we get stuck is, “But I want to know all the pieces of the puzzle right now. I want to know exactly when it’s going to happen, and how it’s going to happen, and who it’s going to happen with.”

Sometimes our impatience gets the best of us.

In order to have that clarity, sometimes what we get is a little window. It’s kind of like if you’re on this dark path and you have this flashlight leading the way. You get a few feet in front of you sometimes. And that may be all that you need right now.

Follow the heart forward on the path, that one little step that is lit up, that you can see, the one little thing in front of you that’s going in that right direction of your heart’s desires. You can do that today. That one little thing. When you are listening and tuning into your heart centre, that divine instrument,  you can really learn to have faith and trust in that.

The mind is an incredible instrument, don’t get me wrong. We have all these incredible instruments in our human body. It’s a great compliment to the heart. I like to think that the heart is really the leader.

When I learned to listen more to my heart vs listening to the chatter in my mind, I began to have more clarity, faith, and trust in myself.

But that took, that little step and being like, “Okay, I’m following my heart, now what?” and trusting that God would show up, the angels would show up, the universe would show up to support me in that. You know what? It always happened.

Each time you repeat this process it’s like flexing a muscle. You get stronger.  And then you simply know that you are co-creating your reality alongside the universe. You are partners. You’re walking hand by hand on that path. There’s no need to have it all figured out anymore.

You fall and let go, and you know that whatever way it works out is perfect and fine and divine for you.

Then it becomes this incredible cycle that just keeps getting strong as we continue to use it and as we continue to have faith in it. I love that.

I wish you faith, trust, and joy today and always.

xo Catherine