There are two kinds of woman I see who come to me for help and guidance.

Or rather I could say that the women who I see are experiencing one of two problems.

The first kind of woman or challenge that comes up is the very driven and focussed women who get things done and leads a busy life but is seeking clarity, meaning, and greater purpose in her life.  She wants to improve her relationship with herself and others and learn to listen to her heart and use it as a compass.  Trust and Faith can be a challenge for this woman because she is uncomfortable with being open and letting others help her (including her divine team).  Many times she has been hurt and her wounds are coming up as resistance in allowing her to embrace the life she desires.
The second kind of woman or challenge that comes up is the woman who is very connected and knows that she has a bigger purpose here and connects easily to the divine within her and follows her heart, but she can often struggle with bringing her dreams into the physical world.  Action can be a challenge for this open-hearted, free-spirit because she may view it as too restricted and earth bound.  She often struggles with living the human life and feeling at home here.  She knows that her true home isn’t here and that she is a divine being with unlimited potential and wishes she could go home some days.  She wants to feel light in her body and bring her gifts to the world in a way that feels right for her but often lacks the commitment and grounding to accomplish this.
These women are compliments to each other and an example of the potential that is possible when we bring overall balance to our approach to life.

The woman that is very earth bound and grounded can benefit from greater clarity, connection, and grace.

The woman that is very connected and heart-centered can benefit from greater action, planning, and focus.

Both women can benefit from the gifts that resolution can bring.  Resolution is the completion of something and the solution that it brings.  For the first woman, resolution could mean letting go of the past and learning to trust again in others and in life itself.  For the second woman, resolution could come in the form of finally being able to set in motion the vision that she has carried with her for all of these years.
In my one on one coaching sessions, I provide a space for both women to go inwards, listen to their heart, gain clarity, and set in motion a plan to actualize their dreams.
I think sometimes, how awful it is to have a desire to be so much more than you are and feel frustrated with not being able to shine like you are meant to.  Or to be the opposite and be driven and working so hard but without a divinely guided connection to lead you in the right direction so that you don’t have to fight so hard all of the time.
The year of resolution session is all about gaining clarity around what is important to you, the next steps you should take on your journey, and then setting in action a plan that’s going help you get there with greater ease and grace.

How many times have you said ” It wasn’t meant to be?” when facing resistance on your journey?


What if it was meant to be but you needed to be better equipped to handle the bumps in the road when they arise?

Perhaps you’re letting yourself give up or self-sabotaging because you’re viewing these obstacles as a sign that you’re going the wrong way.  What if they appear on your path in order to strengthen and mould you into who you are meant to be at the end of the journey?
What if these are actually a sign that you are going in the exact right direction for you?

I have learned something over the past few years about following my heart and stepping into my purpose….


Whenever my heart has spoken to me and told me what it wants and has pointed me in the divine direction with a new project, relationship, or any goal that is worth playing for, I always experience resistance of some form along the way.
And by recognizing my own karmic patterns and “roadblocks” as things that have come up and may come up I am better prepared for the bumps in the road and able to navigate them with greater ease.
What if you saw these roadblocks as a ” game worth playing ” like Maria Nemeth calls it in her book Mastering Life Energies?  And what if instead of heading out into the wilderness without any tools to help you stay warm, safe, and alive on the way, you were better equipped for the challenges that would arise?
Hiring a coach is one of the best things I have ever done.  And I recently reflected on my own journey and why I have accomplished what I have and the answer is clear- I have always had a coach, mentor, or guide along the way.  And as I continue on this journey I have become empowered to listen to my own inner guidance and use my team as a support system.  Where I used to see this as a weakness, I now see it as a strength.

We don’t get to where we want to be without help from others.  Or, we can only get so far without it I believe.


Travelling forward on your “hero’s path” as Maria would call it and following your heart without a plan is self sabotage.
In the ancient healthcare system of Ayurveda, it is said that in order to bring overall balance, lean into opposites.  So, what if you did the thing in 2018 that you wouldn’t normally do?  I bet you’d end up with some pretty incredible results.
I am now booking Year of Resolution Sessions to help you enter into 2018 with greater clarity, focus, and grace.  During this 2 hour session, we will look at your own karmic patterns and resistance to success and then equip you with some knowledge and tools to help you on your journey.
Love and Light
Catherine xo