I remember standing in my backyard as a young child on top of the wooden planter box and singing out loud the Canadian anthem.

I loved the feeling of singing and sharing something using my voice.  It felt empowering and meaningful and it struck a deep chord within me.

This memory sticks out to me so much in my mind because I think in that moment I realized that I was meant to speak and that I had a message to share with others.

I was the child that revelled in the public speaking competitions. I remember in grade 3 at eight years old writing a speech on Albert Einstein and sharing it with the entire school. I felt at home in that space when I was speaking, sharing, and inspiring others.

As I grew into a teenager and a young woman I lost touch with this passion and pursued some others interests.  But eventually my soul’s calling prevailed and my healing journey led me back into sharing and speaking with groups and audiences on topics that uplifted and inspired myself and them.

I became re-connected to that eight-year-old girl who knew that she was meant to speak and to share her story with others.  So that’s exactly what I’ve been doing

I’ve learned that when you infuse your talents and gifts with purpose you become unstoppable. You become impermeable to negativity and the chatter of the ego telling you that you can’t achieve certain things.

I know that within each of us lies and eight-year-old or whatever aged child speaks to you who knows exactly what they are here to achieve and accomplish ,what their gifts are and who has a yearning beyond themselves to bring something beautiful into this world and to make this world a better place.

My purpose has evolved over the years.  It has taken on some outward faces and some different costumes but it has always remained the same- to teach, to inspire, and to speak the truth.

Right now and going forward into 2018 my focus and my purpose is to bring more grace to myself to others and the world as a whole.

To uplift and empower others to step into their gifts to reconnect to that inner child and to remember who they are.

I know that 2018 is going to be incredibly transformative year for so many.  We have a wave of universal energy ushering us into this new year with new Hope, Joy, Promise and Grace.

You no longer have to fight against yourself or believe the lies and stories that you have been. You can let go of that heavy baggage that you’ve taken on from the past and you can enter into this next phase of your life with deep gratitude purpose and knowing.

You have a gift. And maybe you struggle sometimes like I did with listening to your heart and with knowing how to bring this gift into the world.

My sessions and offerings this year will also focus around this very theme of Grace. I am currently offering a special healing session called a YEAR OF GRACE.  It’s a one on one private coaching and healing session to help you get in touch with the essence of who you truly are, your gifts, your talents and then help you gain clarity around your purpose and help you put into action a plan to bring it to reality.

Is this going to be your year to finally open up to the real you? Are you going to get out of your own way and allow your brilliance to shine through?

If you’re looking for some help in guidance on your journey and I would love to help you. I know how powerful it can be to link arms with somebody else and work together.

PLUS! A little bit of extra icing on this cake is that $10 from every single session will be going towards helping local women in our community who are struggling with homelessness and living in shelters or housing. I am passionate about using my voice and my passion for speaking and helping others to give to those who are struggling to feel valuable and worthy in this world.  The initiative is called HEAL ONE, HELP ONE.  It speaks to my heart and I hope it speaks to yours also.

You can send me a message for more info at catherine@selfcareempowerment.com or if you’d like to go ahead and book your Year of Grace Healing and Coaching Session you can do so here >>> www.calendly.com/catherinehull/yearofgrace

Many blessings to you today and always


Catherine xo