People set intentions at the beginning of a new year because they are filled with the hope that things may be different for them in the year to come.

And they can be.  After all it is you who gets to decide how this story ends.  But what I often see is a lack of commitment to the process that will get someone to where they wish to be.

After the holiday busyness we can often feel tired in our body and mind.  If you’re like me, you may feel a sense of relief that a regular schedule will soon resume.  I have found it challenging at times during the holidays when I don’t have my set times for doing things and every day seems to blend together like a string of Sundays.  But at the same time I feel blessed that I have had this time with family and friends; a sense of disruption from my everyday routine.

Self-Care for me has become a saving grace in the past few years and has evolved from being a reactive and life saving means to a proactive and self-loving practice.

It has allowed me to be in a good space even during the busiest times of the year and it has been the thing that has allowed me to experience homecoming in my own life.

We left 2017 behind yesterday but not it’s lessons and imprints that have made us stronger and more resilient for the year to come.  I have given careful thought to how I would like 2018 to unfold and how I would like to serve my community this year through my words and offerings.  And I have chosen the theme of Grace as an overall annual theme but also have decided to allow the seasons and the various times of the year to bring about individual themes to help bring insight and understanding to what is happening in our world around us and within each of us.

The theme that has chosen me for this month of January is Homecoming. Homecoming can be defined in many ways but I know it to be the journey back home to oneself.

Homecoming is standing in your own truth without having to look around you for the approval of others to know that you are going in the right direction. It is deep trust in your inner guidance and connection to the divine as well as a huge well of energy to draw from for your journey forward.

And it is always ready and available to you when you are willing to receive it (just as all good things are).  The key is willingness and being open to doing things differently than in the past to be able to have a new experience.

So, What are you willing to do differently this year to ensure that you get a new result?

Here are some ideas you could choose to adopt for the coming year to help you create a lighter and brighter experience:

  1. Start with Homecoming.  And really this means… start with listening to what it is your truly desire and want for your life and honouring that with your actions, words, and thoughts.  You can learn to listen more carefully to your true desires by taking some time each day to sit alone and go within.  Focus you awareness on your inner body and world and watch your breath enter and leave your body.  The easiest and fastest way (if you like that sort of thing) to achieve homecoming is to be consistent.  Nature is consistent (it is also inconsistent at times but this is a topic for another day) and you are a part of nature.  Choose to start your day and your year with a self-care practice to help you get to know yourself on a deeper level. This is the best relationship you could invest in this year.
  2. Recognize your strengths and areas for growth and seek help.  It is loving and kind to know where you may need help and to seek out those who can help you. I reflected recently on the path I have taken and why I have achieved certain things that I felt were initially impossible or too difficult and the answer was clear.  I recognized where I needed to grow and I sought out people (teachers, coaches, mentors) to help me get there. I also looked for others who I felt connected to and formed beautiful relationships. And I created some groups of my own such as the BE a Queen in 2018 Facebook Group (click the link and come join us over there for some fun and insightful tools to help you be your best in 2018)
  3. Practice Grace and Kindness towards yourself and others.  I have said that 2018 is a Year of Grace for myself and those that this resonates with on their own journey of healing the body, mind, & soul.  Grace is the energy of compassion, kindness, and love for ourselves as we stumble and fall and get back up.  This word fills me with a sense of purpose and meaning when I think of it and it acts as an internal compass pointing me in the right direction.  When you are being critical or harsh towards yourself or others you are not in the energy of grace.  And grace is the energy by which you can wake up to the truth of who you are and be at peace in your body and surroundings.  Grace is the energy of coming home to yourself or Homecoming,

As we embark on this journey of 2018 remember that you are not alone.  You have support and guidance surrounding you at all times whenever you wish to receive it.

I am offering some Year of Grace Healing Sessions to those that feel called to see things differently and choose to take a higher path in 2018.  If you’re feeling that there must be a better way to get to where you wish to be and know that you are carrying some baggage along with you but not sure how to release and let go of it this session will provide some clarity and help for you.  I have been offering these sessions in December and have received so much positive feedback from those that have chosen to experience it.  When you feel empowered and certain of where you are going, you can get there with greater ease and of course Grace.  This session is currently being offered at a special rate of $97 to make it accessible to all who feel ready.  And as an extra karmic bonus, $10 from every session will be donated to a local coalition that I am part of who brings financial help and necessities to women who are homeless and in shelters and housing.  I am calling the initiative Heal One, Help One.

From my heart to yours with love,

Catherine xo