Hello Dear One,


You are here most likely because you are seeking some change in your life and unsure of all of the steps necessary to make this happen.

2018 will be a Year of Grace for those that wish to forgive the past and let go of the baggage that is no longer necessary on their journey so that they can step forward with greater Clarity, Ease, and Courage.

You may or may not realize that there is a bigger plan for you than what you are currently living.  You may or may not love and accept your body and yourself for the beautiful creations that they are.  And you may or may not know what all of your gifts and divine talents are and how to best bring them to the world.

My own personal journey has brought me to this place of being able to help others live their best lives but not without first taking me on my own journey of learning to listen to my heart and let go of all of the unnecessary beliefs, worries, and traumas that were holding me back.  I am here now to help others create the life they truly desire and to have clarity about what that really looks like.


The Year of Grace Healing & Coaching Session will provide help with:


~ Identifying One big area of your life where you are feeling stuck or ” barely making progress”


~ Releasing the Energetic Block or Belief that is standing in your way to achieving greatness in this area of your life through a gentle and easy Energy Healing Process


~ Providing Clarity on what it is you desire to create or achieve in the next year and beyond


~ Providing you with the next steps you need to take to make this a reality

This session is currently being offered for $97 to make it accessible for those that are willing and ready to make big changes in 2018.

As a karmic bonus, $10 from each Year of Grace Session will be given to an initiative called HEAL ONE, HELP ONE where it will benefit women who are homeless and in shelters and housing by providing them with the necessary tools and experiences that they require to move forward on their own path with greater support and encouragement.

If this speaks to you book your session now and let’s get started on helping you create a Year of Grace in 2018.


Catherine xo