Can you relate to feeling disconnected from your body and unsure how to reconnect and live in harmony with it?

I’ve been working with people and their bodies for over a decade now.  It was my own journey with my body that led me into this work and that has taught me so much about caring for it and listening to it.  There was a time when I felt very disconnected from my body.

Maybe you are feeling like ” I don’t know where the user manual is to this thing.” or that sometimes you do something and it produces a result that you don’t want.

I want to help you change your mindset and give you some tools, to help you manifest the perfect body for you in 2018.

I want to ask you a question first.

How would you act or treat your body if you woke up tomorrow and were living in your ” perfect ” body?

I often find that the answer to this question differs form the choices we are currently making. And therein lies the gap between our current reality and the one that we’d like to be living in.

I want you to just think about that for a moment. In your mind you may have a vision of the perfect body for you. Right? I want you to imagine what that looks like, what it feels like, what it acts like, the perfect body for you. And then I want you to think about, what are the things that you would do if you had this perfect body right now? If you were fitting in the clothes, if you felt at ease in your body, if you were pain free.

The way to achieve the perfect body is by doing the things that you would if you had your “perfect” body.  You’re already in that vessel to begin with. You’re already in that perfect body but maybe in disharmony with it. It’s already within you to access. It’s about changing the behaviors and the mindset and the habits.

Start to do those things on a small scale right now little by little. The things that keep you there are the things that get you there.

You have to think about embodying and bringing into your present moment, the actual energy of what you will have in the future because everything’s accessed in the present.

And use these 3 truths to help you reconcile with your body and live in a body that feels right and perfect for you:


  1. Your body seeks harmony. Your body is always looking for harmony, it’s predesigned to do that. It’s always looking for homeostasis. It’s always looking for balance. The problem arises when you don’t know how to speak the language of your body. Your body knows how to get back to that place of peace and harmony and balance. It’s designed to do that.
  2. Your body loves you. I recently read this in a book. It was Mastering Life’s Energies by Maria Nemeth. It’s an amazing book and she was talking about switching the mindset to ” your body loves you.”  How would you treat someone that loves you and you knew that they loved you unconditionally? Sometimes we have a hard time with loving our body so the concept of us loving our body when maybe we really don’t love our body, can be challenging for some people. This looks at it from a different perspective.  You can treat it like absolute garbage for two decades, three decades, four decades or as long as you have been and then you can actually decide that you’re going to love your body back and your body will forgive you in a moment. It is so forgiving. It is so kind. It is so compassionate. It will start to heal itself. It’s been trying to do it the whole time and maybe you’ve been working against it. Your body loves you. Your body is forgiving and it will forgive anything that you’ve done.
  3. Your body has all the answers to healing itself. Your body has a user guide. Sometimes we don’t always understand it. Sometimes we don’t know that there’s a user guide inside of us. Your body has its own answers and so really the adventure becomes learning to speak the language of your body. How do you learn to speak the language of your body? You have to ask it questions. You have to check in with it. You have to ask it and try some different things, try different activities. Low intensity, high intensity, resting. Doing something more assertive, more active.  You have to try different foods. The perfect diet is the one that makes you feel the best and you have to listen to your body and listen to what it’s telling you. By giving it some different foods to taste and different movements to try, and then coming up with your own unique combination of all of that and knowing that it can also change over time.


This is the only vehicle that you don’t get to trade in and get a new one. You don’t get to get a new car. You don’t get to get a new body and you can’t trade it in like a house and move to a new place and you can’t give in your car and get rid of it. This is the only vehicle you are going to have, from the time you are born to the time you die and you are in it and so why not treat it with incredible love and kindness and learn how to use it properly?


If you’ve been stuck in the same cycle, struggling with some type of health issue for years and years, you have to try something different to get a new result. Ask the body what it wants instead of relying on the mind to tell you.

Take a moment and close your eyes if you feel safe to do so and you can do this later if you’re somewhere where you can’t do this at this moment. Go inwards, bring all of your attention, all of your awareness, pull all of your energy inside the body, into the space inside your body. Into your heart center. And stay there for a moment. And breathe into this heart space. This is where the user manual is. This is where all the answers are, right inside the body. You notice how quiet your mind gets when you go in there? Do notice how this thing starts to fade into the background? If you have a busy mind like I have, and have had in the past and you want to learn how to quiet it down, go into your body. Go into your heart and ask the questions.

Now I want to give you three keys to starting to manifest and create and actualize the perfect body for you:

1.Change your mindset.

If you want to live in a body that’s different than the one you’re currently living in, a different house, a different vehicle, what are the things that that ” future you ” is doing that you aren’t doing now? Recognizing that all change happens in the present moment and that if you want to shift something in your health and your well being, you can do it right now and not waiting for you to get to this thing before you can get to that thing. ” If I was lighter, if I could move better I would be more adventurous” is one of the things that people say when they’re not in the body they desire to be.  Sit down with a pen and paper and ask yourself, ” What would I do if I had the body I wanted? ” Make a list. ” I’d try more things. I’d get out there. I’d be more playful and fun. I’d be more intimate. I’d be more loving. I’d be more open. I’d be more kind. I’d have more confidence. I’d take more chances. Buy different clothing. I’d eat better.”

All of those things, you can start doing them in this moment and be the energy of that now and that’s how you get to that place.

By recognizing that it’s in the current moment that you shift those things and being that energy every step of the way is what will take you there.

Do you actually want to lose 10 pounds or do you think that that’s going to make you feel sexier or make you feel more confident? Look at the essence of what you’re asking for, not the outward goal. Not the actual number on the scale or the size of your clothing and start being that energy right now. That’s the shift in the mindset. Start being the energy of what you wish right now because everything is inside of you. There’s nothing outside of you that you need to bring in to be who you already are, to be at your goal.

2. Change your behaviour.

Start to think of ways that you can set yourself up to be successful. Change your behaviors so even if it’s a little thing, its a  step in the right direction. You need two things to really create and manifest something. You need that connection to the divine, the vision,  but you also need the grounding and the connection to mother earth, that’s the action. To make something really actualize and manifest in your life you need both. You need the idea, you need the vision and you need the action.  Getting an accountability partner. Setting yourself up for success. Knowing your human behaviors and making sure that you cushion them, that you set yourself up so if you’re prone to failing when challenges arise, then you make sure you have a team and a support around you.


3. Practice Grace.

Grace is my word of 2018. Practice grace and kindness. Practice grace and kindness and compassion. Don’t “should” all over yourself. No more should do this, should do that. I should have done, I shouldn’t have eaten the cookies or the muffins at the Christmas party, whatever it might be. Let it go, it’s in the past. I always say that the guilt and shame you have over something is far heavier than anything that you could be doing or eating or saying. Guilt and shame, they’re heavy. Energetically they’re low vibrationally so bring in the energy of kindness, compassion and grace which is high vibration.

When you can bring in the energy of grace and kindness and compassion, you can listen more intently to what your body’s trying to tell you and make a better choice next time.  And Thank God that there’s karma. We talk about karma and people say, “It’s a bitch.” but it’s not.  Karma is grace. It’s saying, “You know what? It’s okay, you didn’t get it right last time. You have as many chances as you need.” Karma will bring the same set of circumstances to you over and over so you can learn to master it, so you can learn to get better at it. So you can learn to listen to your body more and more and more.

I can’t tell you the countless amount of times I’ve had to redo a lesson karmically in order to get it right.  Especially when it came to learning to listen to my body. My body had pain, I had a ton of chronic pain. I was eating a bunch of garbage. I smoked, I drank, you name it I’ve done everything to my body.

What broke me of that cycle was letting go of the guilt and shame of what I had been doing and starting to use the opportunity of these things that were coming into my life like pain as an opportunity to ask my body what It needed from me. And so began the reconciliation.

Dear One, If you are looking at having some help in reconnecting with your body. Learning to have some more guidance and inner clarity, and having someone help you on that journey in 2018, I’d love to help.

I am currently offering A Year of Grace session. It’s an energy healing and coaching session.  This session was created to help you have greater clarity and help you move forward in 2018 with more grace.  $10 from every session will be give to local women who are homeless and in shelters and housing. The initiative is called Heal One Help One.  Several women have already experienced this session with me and have had some great ahas and clarity for their life heading into 2018.  And they’ve also become aware of the next steps that they need to take in order to create the life they desire.

So much can be healed and achieved in such a short amount of time when you know where to look and how to heal the block that ‘s keeping you stuck.  I would love to help you too.

Sending you love and light today and into 2018

Warmly, Catherine xo