Are you ready to finally feel at peace in your body, love yourself just the way you are, and learn to follow your own intuition without worrying what others will think?

 Spring is here and it’s time to shed the old and make space for the new.  Think Spring Cleaning on the Interior for your Body, Mind, & Spirit. 

You know that taking better care of yourself would help you to feel better in your body, have greater ease in your mind, feel appreciated in your relationships, and ultimately live the life you dream of, but need some help in getting started.  Does this sound like you?

For over a decade I’ve helped others just like you learn to place themselves higher on the priority list and create the life they desire by teaching them easy, effective self-care tools.

i’ve got a secret for you…. Feeling great in your body and living a life with greater ease doesn’t have to be hard.  In fact, when you follow the path of least resistance and learn to listen to the signals that your body and mind are sending out you learn to receive and allow things to happen much more easily than you ever imagined.


” Self-Care is the Pathway to Self-Love ” 


Here’s my invitation to you….

Join me for this special 90-minute workshop and I will teach you:

  • My favourite self-care tools for transforming your body into one that you love
  • A simple and feel-good body movement practice to make loving your body possible
  • The simplest way to turn your sensitive nature into your greatest superpower
  • Why Meditation and Mindfulness should be your new BFFs and how they can help you to kick ass in everyday life!


When :  Saturday, April 14th, 2018 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Where: Epic Fitness & Lifestyle – 230 Beechwood Ave | Ottawa, ON

Cost: $40.00 (max 20 participants)