Hey Beautiful!


I know that you know that taking better care of yourself and making yourself a priority will help you to feel the way you want to feel.  I also know that you may be struggling with knowing how to get started and what exactly the right formula of self-care is for you. Right?

You’re a natural caretaker and a woman who loves to explore the deeper meaning behind things in life as well as someone that appreciates time away to retreat from everyday routine and put her energy into refilling her cup.



” Self-care is not just about taking incredible care of your body, but also about bringing ease to a busy mind, and joy to your soul so that your entire life feels alive and complete.”

You need:

~ Time and Space to connect with the real you and give yourself the love you require to feel the way you want to feel

~ To be inspired and uplifted by others who relate to where you are at on your journey and offer support and guidance

~ A great self-care action plan with easy, effective tools to help you make yourself a priority on a daily basis so you can bring the feel good vibes with you everywhere

The Body Love Retreat is back at Le Nordik Spa for the second year.  This is a day just for you! A day to connect with like minded women in an inspiring and naturally beautiful setting. This event was a great experience last year for all of the participants and the women left feeling inspired and uplifted.

Here’s what our day together will look like:


9:00 am ~  Arrival and Greetings ( meet the other lovely ladies who are sharing this special day with you )

9:30am ~ Yoga for Every Body in the Alpina Lodge ~ Healthy Movement to ground you and set the tone for our day together

11:00 am ~ Self-Care Workshop #1

12:00pm ~ Lunch ~ Healthy Vegan lunch catered by Oh Delicious Cuisine.  

1:00pm ~ Personal Time for you to unwind, relax as you feel necessary.  You can choose to take a walk outside in nature, sit and read a book, or use the sauna or hot tub at the lodge.  This time is just for YOU.  

2:00pm ~ Self-Care Workshop #2 

4:00pm ~ Leave the Lodge for the Spa and enjoy the rest of the day/evening in the Baths. You can choose to stay for as little or as long as you like.  



* Spa access is included in the price for this retreat.
* Dinner is not included in your retreat price.  I will be booking a group table for dinner for 6:00pm.  Please let me know if you would like to join us for dinner that evening.
* Lunch and snacks are included

Investment in YOU = $349.00

Book by April 30th and save $50 off by using the code BODYLOVE


Yes! I want in on this Body Love Retreat Experience!