A 3 day/ 2 night  Summer Retreat for individuals who want to deepen their connection, awaken their intuition, and step more fully into their power and potential.  

This is not your average retreat…

This transformative and enriching self-exploratory experience uses the power of your Archetypal structure and your unique soul’s journey to unlock your greatest potential so that you can begin actualizing your deepest desires and live the life you were meant to live.


Throughout the course of our 3 days together we will work on helping you to have greater clarity around your gifts and purpose through a series of in person group circles, yoga and meditation sessions, private one-on-one sessions, and the support of your soul sisters who are joining you on this journey.  You will almost immediately start to feel more clarity and ease as you dial up the volume on your inner voice.

Are you able to see with great clarity the path that is laid out in front of you?

Do you have a big vision for your future and helping others on their path and want to build the confidence and belief in yourself to make it happen?

Do you want to feel fearless and certain about taking the steps you fear taking to actualize your greatest potential?

Within you lies the power, fearlessness, and love to change the world.  You are a woman who loves to dive deeper into self-exploration and are seeking greater meaning and purpose on your path.

Why Archetypes? 

The Archetypes can be seen as the multi-dimensional view of your soul’s profile, like many facets of your unique personality that make you who you are and also hold the key to understanding your purpose here on earth.  


There are 72 Archetypes that have a possible fit for your intimate group of 12. A few common Archetypes are Queen, Healer, Mystic, Teacher, Mother, Guide, Femme Fatale, Goddess, Victim, Saboteur, Child, Lover, and Angel. 


Each of us has 12 main Archetypes that each reside in a “house” within our astrological chart.  Determining, charting, and interpreting your unique group of 12 often requires guidance and support so that you can fully understand and embrace your divine gifts and purpose. 


Knowing what your unique group of 12 Archetypes and determining what areas of your life they rule will help you to understand what makes you uniquely you and why you’ve made certain choices as well as your larger soul purpose.



The Archetypes Summer Retreat will provide you with the tools, insight, and support to understand your Archetypes from a soul perspective and the lessons you have asked for in this lifetime so that you can step forward on your path with greater understanding and purpose.

Here’s what you’ll experience:

  • Discover your 12 main Archetypes as part of your soul contract and what houses they reside in for ultimate clarity around who you are and your purpose in this lifetime.


  • Learn powerful insights about your unique Archetype group and put these to use in your everyday life so you can see immediate results.


  • Improve your relationship and connection to each Archetype and develop a greater sense of self-love and compassion with yourself and those around you. 


  • Develop a deeper understanding of your role in the lives of those close to you and the world so that you can cultivate joy and ease in these relationships.  


  • Clear old patterns and blocks easily with intuitively guided healing sessions and group yoga and meditation circles.  


  • Feel uplifted and supported as you create meaningful connections with like-minded women who see the brilliance in you! 

Hello Soul Sister,

Do you often feel that you are made for something so much bigger than your current reality? Can you relate to having a sense that you have natural healing gifts and not sure how to nurture them and use them to help others?

I used to feel this way too.  For years I felt I had a bigger calling and knew deep down that my life was meant for something far beyond what I was living. Over the past decade, my journey of self-discovery has showed me how powerful I truly am and revealed to me a purpose in helping others see this about themselves too.

One of my favourite self-discovery tools has been working with my Archetypes and assisting others in working with theirs.  The amount of AHA moments and healing that has come out of it is nothing short of miraculous and I am so grateful to do this work.

Is it your time to shine?  If you answered yes, let’s chat.  I am here to help you become the greatest version of yourself.  

All my love, Catherine xo

Energy Healer, Self-Care Empowerment Coach

Why Join Us?

  • Move past old blocks and into greater confidence and faith through our time together and step more boldly into your purpose.  


  • Participate in a luxurious and naturally inspiring 3 day 2 night retreat at Gaia Wellness in Wakefield, QC. with Energy Healer and Empowerment Coach Catherine Hull


  • Reflect and apply the key learnings about your Archetype to your life through a series of worksheets, exercises, yoga and meditation classes. 


  • Enjoy the support of your group coaching peers in  the beautiful space of Gaia and make new open hearted friendships.  


  • Receive personal support and guidance from Catherine Hull during, before, after the retreat.  


Plus! To help you on your journey, you’ll receive…

Access to the Transformation Tribes Meditation Library

Imagine having your very own set of meditations to help you in between group sessions.  These meditations will provide you with a useful tool for your everyday life so that you can continue to let go of what no longer serves and be at peace with yourself and your surroundings.  Each meditation has a different theme to give you a diversity of choice and experience.

A Beautiful Mala bracelet

A unique hand-crafted Transformation Tribes stone bracelet made from high quality gemstones that have been specifically chosen to empower you on your journey of transformation.



At times, it is important to get to know ourselves well so we can then understand

our emotional reactions to different events. Last summer, Catherine Hull and I « casted my wheel » , explored my achetypes and it was SO CLEAR! For years , I did therapy but kept wondering why I react the way I do in some situations and now, a lot has become clear and I can appreciate the engrained reactions that come from my archetypes! Learning an exploring the light and dark sides of them was so helpful

and have lead me to a better understanding of myself in a informative yet fun way.

Catherine supported me through this self discovery and presented it very concisely and clearly and when I had a few panic moments , she helped me see why. It is a great self discovery tool.



” For years I’ve been wondering if I was on the right path.  Following what I thought was the road I was supposed to follow.  Making a few turns that led me to what I thought is where I should be going only to find out it wasn’t really where I should be.  Working on my Archetypes with Catherine has opened my eyes to understanding why this path was important for my journey, but also so much more.  I know why I wasn’t happy working in some jobs I had or why I felt “stuck” in certain business ventures I tried, and that what I’m currently doing is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing and most importantly WHY? I got clearer on why some of my relationships have been the way they have been.  But most importantly, I know where some of my challenges arise, and will work on changing those in a positive way.  “



“Learning about my archetypes has helped me so much to understand myself in my home, my work and my relationships. I’m so much more aware of myself now that I understand these areas of my life.”



” I feel extremely blessed to have unfolded my 12 archetypes with Catherine Hull. It has transformed and awakened the way I see my purpose in life. It also brought me self discovery that allowed me to be truly aware of  certain aspects of my life..” 

Here are the areas of your life that we’ll cover with the Archetypes:

> Health

> Career

> Marriage and Relationships

> Money and Power

> Self-Expression


> Highest Potential

> Relationship to the World

> Intuition

> Spirituality

> Creativity

“If you never searched for truth

come with us

and you will become a seeker.

If you were never a musician

come with us

and you will find your voice

In our gathering one candle lights hundreds,

we will light your path and give you courage

so you will open like a flower

and join in joyous laughter.

Plant the seed of truth and watch it grow

when it spreads its branches

come with us and sit under the blossoms.

Your eyes will open to the secret of the truth.


Are you ready to take that next big step in bringing your gifts to the world and break through to more peace, clarity, and purpose in your life?

Join us for this transformational experience!

August 9th -11th , 2019 

Full Price: $899 plus hst 

Early Bird $749 plus hst (save $150 before June 30th)