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The ME-Treat: Free At-Home Retreat to Help You Go From People-Pleaser to Priority in 7-Days!

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  • Daily Self-Care Coaching Videos
  • Reflective Worksheets and Activities
  • Yoga & Healthy Movement Sessions
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Hello and Welcome. My name is Catherine Hull and I’ve helped many men and women over the past ten years access their inner strength, and create more peace and fulfillment in their lives by embracing their personal journey of healing. The ME-Treat will equip you with my top self-care tools for your body, mind and soul.

Here’s what to expect in this 7-day free at-home self-care retreat:


Day 1: Intention Setting

Learn how to make yourself a priority through intention setting.

Day 2: Healthy Movement

Learn how to bring more healthy movement into your day.

Day 3: Nutrition for the Mind

Learn how to clear your limiting beliefs and embrace more joy and ease.

Day 4: Body Love

Learn how to love your body unconditionally.

Day 5: Gratitude

Learn how to invite more gratitude into your life.

Day 6: Flexibility in Body and Mind

Learn to unwind, relax and be more flexible in body and mind. Plus! 30-minute yoga session.

Day 7: Celebrating You!

Let’s celebrate YOU and all your accomplishments!

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