Catherine would love to connect with you on a regular basis through her Blog where you will find videos and posts on tips to healing yourself wholistically, answers to frequently asked questions from her clients and suggestions of her favourite self-care techniques. Her intention is to empower you to heal yourself mind, body and soul

Healing Chronic Pain

Pain is an interesting topic and one that I am passionate about speaking on.  Many of us have experienced pain in our lives, but the one that seems to be the most problematic is chronic pain (pain that persists despite the fact that an initial injury has healed). But...

Stress- Effective Tools for Natural Healing

Is Stress a big part of your life? Do you often find yourself feeling stressed over the smallest things and aren't sure how to deal with it? Stress seems to be a normal part of life for so many people.  We live in a busy, stressed out world and often don't stop to ask...

5 Ways to Get Grounded

Are you grounded??  And, why is it important for you to get grounded and stay grounded? As human beings we are so much more than purely physical. Our physical body is the most tangible and visible of our being and acts as a vehicle in this life taking us from one...

Judgment-Spiritually Fit Session #1 Spiritually Fit Session ~ Judgment, how does it hold us back from having all that we desire and how can we use it to help us? In this Spiritually Fit Session I talk about Judgment and how it can be more harmful to us than anything we are...

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