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Hello Beautiful!


My name is Catherine and I help women create more joy, ease, abundance, and peace in their life through transformational coaching and healing sessions.


I truly believe that you have everything you need within you to live the life you desire and I am passionate about helping you to rediscover your true self and make yourself a priority.

Do you want….


To invite more joy, love, abundance, and peace into your life?

Live your life on your terms and let go of people pleasing and perfectionism?

To experience what it feels like to have incredible health in a body that you love? 

To attract beautiful friendships and partnerships with open minded people who value and appreciate you?


You’re in the right place beautiful!  


I can help you to….



  • Live life on your terms

  • Love and accept yourself unconditionally

  • Make yourself a priority and invite more ease, joy, and peace into your life

  • Let go of people pleasing tendencies and experience true freedom

  • Discover what your bigger purpose is here and create a plan to make it happen

  • Be In a body that feels good, looks great, and serves as a vehicle for doing your soul’s work ( aka getting sh#t done!!)

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