Energy Healing


Welcome Dear One,

My name is Catherine Hull and I help people invite more ease, JOY, peace, abundance, and LOVE into their lives through Energy Healing and Transformational Coaching.

I am so glad that you’re here because this means that you too are searching for that very thing and I know that I can help you.  I am passionate about seeing you wake up to the choice and possibilities of your life and become empowered to create all that you desire.


Are you searching for greater Ease, Joy, and Purpose in your Life?

Energy Healing is a gentle, effective process to help you embrace more of the real you by creating a space for you to release and let go of those things that are keeping you from living the life you desire.

Energy Healing can help you to:

  • Experience life with greater Ease, Joy, and Peace.
  • Release Limiting Beliefs and help you to have a more positive outlook on life.
  • Let go of habits that are keeping you stuck and from showing up in the way you are meant to.
  • Change the way you think, feel, and respond to a situation or circumstance.
  • Love yourself and your body unconditionally
  • Heal relationships issues, past and present.
  • Find your purpose and feel at home in your body and here on earth
  • Live with gratitude and abundance.
  • Quiet mind chatter and be present in your life.


Energy Healing is like a massage for your soul, in that the client releases and lets go of  “limitations” , “pain points” , or “trigger points” in the cellular memory of their body that they have been carrying around with them for years, decades, and even from past lifetimes.


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Energy Healing is used to help people move through mental and emotional blockages. When we suffer a trauma, go through something difficult, or even an injury, that pain can get stuck in our energy field like a wound that never fully heals. As Catherine explains it, there are layers to the human body beyond the actual body. Our own energy field is part of that. When we have a blockage or issue in our energy field we can’t move about freely or openly, instead, we are emotionally stunted or stuck. The purpose of energy healing is to help you become more connected to yourself and your own intuition so you can move through that emotional blockage and heal.

Energy Healing is different than conventional talk therapy. There might be a little bit of talking to first discover what the main issue is and where a person is feeling it (however, if they aren’t sure that’s okay too. Catherine explains that they would then set that intention to find out!). Catherine would then use gentle hand positions on or hovering above the body to help release the stored blockages. But it’s very important to note that Energy Healing cannot be done without a person’s full consent and willingness. Even if someone is not ready to release all of their blockages, progress can still be made to the point they are willing to reach.

To reach healing, Catherine practices a few different kinds of Energy Healing modalities to help people with different issues.Access Bars Therapy, is one she uses for mindset blockages. This consists of gently holding points on the head to release negative energy or debilitating belief systems. There is also Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)  which Catherine uses to help people release trauma from the past so that they can embrace the present.Healing Touch is one she uses for people who have gone through a surgery or are suffering from physical ailments as it can help with restoring the physical body through energy- some levels of Healing Touch are even being used in hospitals.  She also uses her own intuitive healing abilities which include Past Life Regression, Light Language (Sound Healing), and Mediumship.


Energy Healing helps you release energy patterns from your past, empowers and balances your present life and helps you to evolve.

“Working with Catherine has been the key to unlocking everything that’s possible within me! In a beautiful relaxing environment her sessions help to un-clutter the emotional junk we collect over the years and allow us to become our true self! I am so grateful for the transformations I have made in my life thanks to her healing therapy. What is better than enjoying a peaceful mind and pain free body?”


“I went to see Catherine because I thought I needed some personal training but Catherine intuitively knew that what I really needed was some energy therapy.  I had recently had my fourth child and I was really depleted in all areas of my life. I saw her every 2 weeks and each time I was there Catherine asked questions, listened and knew exactly what I needed.  I always left feeling light and rejuvenated! I have received many energy therapy sessions but by far my most transformations came from the sessions from Catherine.  I highly recommend her.  She is light, kind, focused and knows exactly what you need!”


“When I first came to see Catherine, I didn’t know what to expect. But from the first IET session I had with her, I felt lighter. I have been seeing Catherine for 3 years now and can honestly say it’s been life changing. Not only has it helped me through small and bigger challenges, but she has given me the skills to be able to manage the everyday challenges life brings us on my own. I consider myself blessed to have met Catherine and such a great investment in myself. I would do it all over again. We deserve to have a happy life, and together I think we can all get there. Thank you Catherine for helping me bring happiness & peace to my life.”


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