Within you lies the power, fearlessness, and love to change the world.  You are a woman who loves to dive deeper into self-exploration and are seeking greater meaning and purpose on your path.  


Introducing Transformation Tribes ~ Archetypes Edition

A 6-month transformational group coaching program for compassionate individuals who want to deepen their connection with the divine and awaken their intuition so that they can step more fully into their power and potential and be a change maker in the world.  

Journey with me… to more peace, freedom and fun in your life!

 I’ve helped many men and women over the past ten years access their inner strength, and create more peace and fulfillment in their lives by embracing their personal journey of healing. This group coaching program will guide you through the three universal stages healing that I call “Power, Purpose and Potential”.

Through a series of intuitive group coaching calls, personal homework assignments, guided meditations and the ongoing support of myself and the private Facebook community group, you will almost immediately start to feel more clarity and ease as you dial up the volume on your inner voice.

Are you able to make choices that feel good to you without letting others down?

Do you even know what you want or have you spent so much time doing what others expect from you? 

Do you fear conflict? And how much does that fear influence your decisions each day?

How much time do you spend playing worst case scenarios in your mind and worrying about what others think?

Do you deserve to be happy?

Unlock your power to uplift others by embracing your own journey of healing!

Have you finally hit a fork in the road? The one you’ve been avoiding or hoped would never come. Or is it more of a brick wall? Does it feel impossible to get to the other side? Are you ready to give up?… Or are you ready to grow?

Grow with me…

Many people don’t realize the power they have in making their lives more enjoyable and fulfilling. Some of the most compassionate people feel overwhelmed by the challenging situations and difficult people they come across in their lives.

What You'll Learn

Move through the three stages of healing – Power, Purpose, Potential – with biweekly group coaching calls over a 6-month period of personal and expansion..

STAGE 1: Access Your Power.

In this stage, we will uncover the worries and limiting beliefs that are blocking you from accessing the power of your inner guidance. We’ll start to transform your guilt and fear into love and acceptance for your body, your past, for the people in your life and for yourself.

The topics covered in the first four sessions of the program are:

  • Body Love. Learning to Accept and Love Your Body Unconditionally
  • People Pleasing and Releasing the Opinions of Others
  • Achieving True Forgiveness
  • Stepping into Your Power and Feeling at Ease in Your Body, Mind, and Soul

The Importance of Finding Love and Acceptance for Your Body

Your body is a vessel to carry out your purpose in this world. When we’re not present in our bodies, our minds takeover and we can become trapped in a mental dialogue that recycles negative judgments about the past and fears about the future. Past traumas, abuses and fears are often expressed as pain, inflexibility and dis-ease in the body. To break these negative patterns and see real change in your life, the first step is to learn to accept and love your body unconditionally. Clearing physical, emotional and spiritual noise will allow you to hear your inner voice more clearly and access the power of your heart.

As you Access Your Power, you will begin to:

  • Feel more ease in your body and at peace in your surroundings
  • Gain more clarity around making choices
  • Worry less about the opinions of others.
  • Find more acceptance of yourself and others for mistakes and failures..

STAGE 2: Awaken to Your Purpose.

Now that you’ve turned up the volume of your inner voice, we’ll listen in to uncover your innate gifts, desires and purpose. You’ll learn how to balance your sensitivity with your strength so you can truly start using it as a superpower to uplift others, express your creativity and create your most fulfilling life. 

The topics covered in these four sessions of the program are:

  • What makes you uniquely YOU? 
  • Discover your Innate Superpowers
  • Embracing and Balancing your Sensitivity
  • Awakening to your Purpose

Sensitivity is a Superpower

Many people feel their sensitivity holds them back in life; leaving them vulnerable to being overlooked or taken advantage of. It often seems like the only way to have any power in life is to be less caring and more selfish. The truth is that your sensitive, empathetic nature is the key to your strength as an uplifter! With the proper awareness and self-care tools in place, you can access the true power of your sensitivity and begin using it to influence positive change in others and your surroundings. You can care for and help others without depleting yourself by doing it from a place of inspiration rather than obligation.

As you Awaken to Your Purpose, you will begin to:

  • Feel joyful about what makes you special and the gifts you bring to the world
  • Start to love things about yourself that you used to think were your greatest faults
  • Feel appreciation for your life situation and more hopeful about the future
  • Feel empowered to make new choices and be open to new experiences

STAGE 3: Living Your Potential.

In this stage, you will be guided and supported to put this newfound clarity into action. This is not about making big changes in your life or facing conflict. You’ll be empowered to move gracefully into your power, finding more ease in your relationships as you begin to make choices that feel better to you and allow you to express your most valuable gifts and soul purpose.

The topics covered in the final four sessions of the program are:

  • Stepping Into Your True Purpose

  • Amplifying Your Intuition
  • Embracing Your True Worth and Value
  • Living Love and Abundance    

The Cycle of Healing, Growth and Enlightenment

Inner growth and enlightenment happens in cycles, moving through the healing stages of Power, Purpose and Potential. The journey to inner peace is not a race, but an ever-evolving experience unfolding across eternity. This program is not something for you to conquer, although you will feel a sense of accomplishment as you move through it. This program is meant to guide you through the stages of inner growth and healing, giving you the awareness and tools needed to confidently move through this cycle with more and more ease as you continue on your souls journey.

As you are Living Your Potential, you will begin to:

  • Experience greater love and abundance
  • Feel more confident and joyful
  • Be a source of love, inspiration and guidance
  • See positive changes in your life that you never thought possible

Hello Beautiful,

You deserve to be happy. My name is Catherine and for over 10 years I have been helping men and women love their bodies and create more joy, ease, abundance, and peace in their lives through transformational coaching and self-care tools.

For years, I struggled with a bad case of people-pleasing and lack of self-confidence and worthiness. I didn’t love my body and treated it poorly. I wanted to truly love who I was and feel free to be myself. On my journey, I learned many incredible self-care tools that helped me transform my beliefs about my body and my life and allowed me to tap into my true power and begin living the life I desired. I want to share these amazing tools with you! I truly believe that self-care and self-love is the foundation for attracting all that you desire. You can invite more ease, joy, abundance and peace into your life. I want to help you on your journey through this heart-centred program I designed especially for you.

Grow with me!

All my love,

Catherine xo

Energy Healer, Self-Care Empowerment Coach


Why Join Today?

  • Move through the healing stages of Power, Purpose and Potential through a 6-month period
  • Participate in 12 group coaching calls with Energy Healer and Empowerment Coach Catherine Hull
  • Reflect and apply the key learnings to your life through a series of workbooks along the way
  • Enjoy the support of your group coaching peers in a private Facebook community
  • Receive ongoing personal support and guidance from Catherine Hull

Plus! To help you on your journey, you’ll receive…

A Beautiful Mala bracelet

A unique hand-crafted Transformation Tribes stone bracelet made from high quality gemstones that have been specifically chosen to empower you on your journey of transformation.  

Six guided meditations intuitively recorded specifically for this program 

Imagine having your very own set of meditations to help you in between group sessions.  These meditations will provide you with a useful tool for your everyday life so that you can continue to let go of what no longer serves and be at peace with yourself and your surroundings.  Each meditation has a different theme to give you a diversity of choice and experience.

Are you ready to turn your sensitivity into a superpower and break through to more peace, clarity and purpose in your life?