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What are you needing right now in order to feel the way you want to feel?  What is is that you need to do or let go of to transform the way you feel about yourself and the world around you?

It is so easy to get caught up in our everyday life and forget about our big dreams and visions for our life.  And it is even easier to forget about making ourselves a priority, unless we have the proper tools, mindset, and plan to ensure our success.

Retreats can help you to disconnect from your everyday routine so that you can reconnect with your passion, your beauty, and invite a sense of ease, joy, and happiness into your life so that when you go back home you bring all of that with you. Life becomes a retreat and you are able to navigate life challenges and obstacles with greater strength of spirit and love.

I love travelling to beautiful and interesting places and hosting transformational workshops & retreats for groups of people.  I believe in the incredible value of ME-time and have learned from my personal experience and those of my clients that in order to be there and care for others, we need to take care of ourselves first.

Upcoming Workshops & Retreats:

All Hallow’s Eve Meditation Soiree

You're invited! Come join us for an atmospheric evening of awesome meditation, delicious food and beverage, and amazing people. All Hallow's Eve is celebrated in many different ways around the world. Many cultures have a celebration to honour those who...

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Empower ME Retreat Costa Rica ~ January 2019

  Welcome Courageous Brilliant Heart!   How much could one week of learning, playing, growing, laughing, and basking in luxury shift your life to one of even greater Ease, JOY, Abundance, and Love?   You wouldn't be here if you didn't know how important self-care is...

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Transformation Tribes Group Coaching Program

Join me for a dynamic group healing experience that will help turn your sensitivity into a superpower and break through to more peace, clarity and purpose in your life.   Introducing .... A 6-month transformational group coaching program for compassionate individuals...

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“I was blessed with being introduced with Catherine just a couple short years ago. Just listening to her share her story and her journey of transformation intrigued me to want to hear and learn more from her. From my first Energy Therapy session, Bars session and completing my 7 Steps of Transformation workshop yesterday lets just say she has been an instrumental part of my journey! Anyone who has the pleasure of meeting her knows how genuine and beautiful her soul is! I wish everyone I know and love could meet her, attend sessions with her so they too can experience everything Catherine has taught me. If you are searching for something in your life (even if you may not know what it is), life purpose, a new job, happiness, love, abundance, balance, confidence, money or you want to get rid of things that you no longer need in your life or that no longer serve you for your greater good……….I “highly” recommend you taking this 7 Steps to Transformation workshop. You will be SO happy you did and so grateful for what you discover! I look forward to our next encounter Catherine because you help me to become a better person.

I am so grateful I chose you to be an actress on my Karmic Stage.”


Omg Catherine….thank you so much!  I have never been able to open up as much as I have since meeting you. You have definitely brought something out in me that has been missing for a very long time.  I love the retreat and especially meeting all the ladies yesterday and sharing with them as well. Made some awesome new friends and I am definitely looking forward to our next event.

Cindy Toll

The Simply Be YOU Summer Retreat ~ August 11-13

Are you looking for a summer getaway close to home?   Do you want to pamper yourself and have some time away to relax recharge and reconnect to the real you?   Do you want to be surrounded by amazing women who uplift and inspire each other to be the best version of...

Women’s Healing Circle ~ The Power of Forgiveness

Do you wish to embrace the beauty within you?  You are so much more than a container, more than you skin, your eyes, your hair, your clothes, and your body.  Your body is a divine vessel of love for you soul and is a reflection of your inner world. You are powerful,...

True Forgiveness ~ Healing and Meditation Workshop

You are a healer of your own life.  You have many gifts inside of you waiting to be acknowledged and brought forth so that you can be of service here. What is true forgiveness? True Forgiveness is letting go of the need for the past to have been any different than it...

“I would like to thank-you Catherine for hosting an incredible day! The Body Love Retreat was exactly that! It was relaxing, emotional, mindful and definitely much needed. I’m hooked! Looking forward to the next one!”

Alannah Gilmore

“I was a participant at The Workout for a Cure on June 4 with Catherine Hull. The event was well organized with a variety of activities, and the emphasis was on fun physical activities. . We were all acknowledged as individuals with our respective strengths and challenges. Everyone was encouraged to do their best, with modifications suggested where necessary for individual comfort. The atmosphere was very positive and upbeat.

Catherine is an extremely knowledgeable and professional instructor who focuses on every individual in a group activity.”


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